Blu-ray Saga Comes to Close, Happy Ending Inside

This Blu-ray saga specifically so I don't have to recap.

Last week, Best Buy provided me with the information that proved they in fact processed the return as the exact same time as the sale. Why they didn't do this earlier, who knows? So, that brought this all back on the bank, and I filed a complaint with the BBB of Cleveland where they're located plus the Attorney General and followed up with the local news channel who was helping me along.

Today, I went to deposit my paycheck as I never had a chance this weekend, and when the teller handed me the slip, it had way more money on it than I thought it should. I asked her to make sure she deposited this into the right account as I knew I didn't have that much money. She double checked, and lo and behold, there sits a full credit for the rest of the overdraft fees I've been fighting for.

I win.

Matt Paprocki - 1
Charter One Bank - 0

Not sure which complaint actually convinced them to do it (or maybe the combination), but at this point, I don't care. Thanks to any and all who helped even if they'll never read this. So, to restate:

I win.

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Njiska [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sure you think you've one. But you just watch Karma will balance out and two charter one represenatives carrying guitar cases will sort it all out.

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