Blu-ray Wins; CNET on Royalties

We now know that Blu-ray has won the "format war." Is this Revenge of the Betamax? Who knows, but the dust has settled and HD DVD has taken a bow now that Toshiba has made it official today. Sony took a gamble and put Blu-ray in the PS3. Me, being an early adopter to the PS3 (for games, of course) am one of the many gamers that are glad they did.

On a funny note, but dad just bought a PS3 and a 42" Sony LCD. He bought the PS3 because it is forwards compatable, and no other BD player right now is. So this is a huge win for Sony. And who knows, dad might even buy a game or two for his shiny new Blu-ray player game console.

CNET has an interesting article up titled Blu-ray victory means royalties, royalties, royalties that should not be missed. They explain all the royalties that go into making the players and the discs themselves. Serious money involved, of course.

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