Cabela's Free "Limited Edition" Catalog

Okay, so today the USPS guy nocks on my door and by the time I get out of bed to get to it he has left; normal. When I open the door, laying at my feet is a cardboard box from Cabela's with the Free "Limited Edition" Catalog; not normal.

Why is this not normal you say? It is a hard bound, super-glossy catalog. Its like the ones you would go through as a kid and circle the things you wanted Santa to bring you, only a zillion times better.

After leafing through this one, of which I did circle a few things I would like ;) I get the feeling that Cabela's has too much money. I mean what store, even the "Word's Foremost Outfitter" spends this much money on a catalog, and how many do they send out?

It even has special cut pages, so when you open them they are multi-tiered and stuff, with fold out tabs and junk. This is high class stuff. I mean the box even has Worlds Foremost Catalog™ -- yes, they trademarked that, too.

So I call up my dad, who is a bigger Cabela's shopper than I am, and he didn't get one. He tells me that he got one of the hard-bound catalogs a few years back, they were selling for $20 with $10 off, so he bought one just for the novelty of it.

I wonder if it has coupons or something in it. We live in a crazy marketing world.

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