My Apartment Heater Died

It sure was cold Sunday night. Colder than it has been in a while. I know, I was up playing Devil May Cry 4. I also know because the electric heater that brings much warmth to my apartment in the winter died. It made some rather awful sounds a machine should never make, then went kaput.

The repair guy was so busy Monday he could not make it out until Tuesday morning at 11, my landlady said. She left me a heater for the night. I figured it was a nice sized space heater -- no, it was a warm-your-ass-while-sitting-on-the-john heaters.

So it was cold Monday night, inside my apartment. It got fixed Tuesday and now life is back to normal. And by normal of course I mean my apartment has heat again. If you were thinking of any other kind of "normal" than you don't know me well.

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