New Look For Breaking Windows

Yes, I finally got sick and tired of the default MT3 theme, and more importantly, found some "free time" to modify the theme with my own graphics.  Hope you like it.

For those wondering, the red image behind the blog name is part of a piece of artwork I made some eight (!) years ago when I was creaing fine art, instead of the commercial art that I create these days.

I also added the "Social Networking" block in the right-hand column. I will be expanding that. I looked at Action Streams look really cool, they are a lot of work to setup. And while I have a couple hours to devite to changing the graphics of the skin, I don't have time to upgrade to MT4, plus right now I do not see the benefit.

I do have some more additions to make to the blog, and will post more once I have time to add them. 

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