PixelJunk Monsters Demo, Finally

It is about time that the PS3 gets a demo of PixelJunk Monsters. If you are not familiar with the game, think Tower Defense with a pretty nice looking art style. Why don't we have demos of PSN games like we have demos of XBLA games? I mean really

In a recent interview by MTV Multiplayer, John Hight, director of product development, Santa Monica Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment America, voiced his concerns with demos. He basically bitched about people downloading the demo of Blast Factor and never purchasing the game. He then talked about releasing a movie of flOw instead of a demo.

Look, the reason people did not buy Blast Factor was not because they were given a demo. It is because we are getting sick and tired of dual analog shooters at this point. You need to be unique, something Blast Factor was not. There is a reason why Everyday Shooter is on the list of top 10 downloaded games on the PSN, and Blast Factor is not.

The fact is that Sony is scared shitless to release demos of games. If they released a demo of PAIN for example, no one would have bought it! Of course this is because the "full game" is a glorified demo.

If your product does not stand up to a demo, then people are not going to buy it either way. I can understand Virtual Console games not getting demos, but seeing as every game on XBLA has a demo, every game on the PSN should have a demo as well. 

Oh, and by the way Sony, the demo should come out along side the game, not a couple weeks later. Thanks.

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