Terra Soft Releases Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for Apple, IBM, and Sony PS3

Just the really important details.

Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 supports:
- Sony PS3.
- Apple PowerPC G4, G5.
- IBM System p (JS2x, 510, 520, 540).
- 802.11b Airport auto-configuration; Extreme with configuration.
- Audio on all tested machines.
- Sony PS3 Sixaxis game controller.
- Cell phone internet connections with configuration.

Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 key features:
- E17 & Gnome installed by default, KDE included.
- Gnash, the Flash work-alike.
- Ekiga VoIP, Pidgin IM/IRC, and Fluendo codec installer.
- kernel v2.6.23, gcc v4.1.1, gblic v2.5, and Eclipse v3.2.2.
- The only Linux distribution to include by default Cell SDK v3.0.
- IBM iRT (interactive raytrace) demo available via YDL.net Enhanced.

I am downloading the ISO right now. Once I have time to play, I will have a full report.

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