The Verizon Wireless Rant

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you might have heard Matt or I sound off about how "wonderful" Verizon Wireless is. But this one takes the cake.

I do not know who to be more pissed off at, Verizon Wireless, or 2 B Mobile, the Verizon Wireless store downtown. A few months ago, as in, four, I switched from a 450 to 900 minute a month plan, because I had gone over (way over) two months in a row.

Last night I called Verizon Wireless tech. support on an entirely different matter (good fodder for another rant actually, they could not help with my problem unless I called them from a different phone -- my cell phone is my only phone.

The lady I talked to was at least nice and very helpful. She looked into the problem best she could without having a tech. call my cell phone to figure out the problem. She noted that my bill was coming out and it was rather high, because I had severely gone over my minutes. "How the heck did I go over 900 minutes!" I ask.

Here I have gone four months on the 450 minute plan. Now, those who know me know I do not get irate, I have a pretty high boiling point, but that lit my fuse. The smart ass, cocky, pimple-faced prick down at 2 B Mobile never changed my plan to 900 minutes a month. And I sure as hell would like to know what he was doing because it took an age to sit in the store while he was "working" on my account.

Needless to say I was credited $78.55 without too much bitching, and was *told* I was put on the 900 minute plan. I am not trusting anyone connected to Verizon any more so will be calling them back to double check. That or login to my account on their web site. Or both.

Kind of makes you want to switch carriers. You know, to AT&T. And get an iPhone. But its not like they are any better.

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MB [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Go to ATT you ungrateful idiot! VZW doesn't need asshole customers like u!!! Good riddance!!!

Ken Edwards [TypeKey Profile Page]:

A new fan, nice!

And I would much rather put up with Verizon Wireless bull shit than switch to AT&T. But thanks for the suggestion.

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