TTAM #5: All Those XMB Screens in PS3 Games

Developers are getting better, but not by much. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a PS3 game that has NOT had those damn XMB screens that you have to hit OK for. Thought I know there have been one or two I have played and said THANK YOU to the developer.

What am I talking about? When a PS3 game loads it many times has one, two, three (no joke) "select OK" screens before you can load the game proper. And this is even before you load the saved game, which also uses the XMB (that is a good thing, I like uniform methods of loading games). Take Devil May Cry 4 for example, as the latest in the long list of developers who JUST DON'T GET IT.

When I load the game, it has to warn me, every time, not to turn off the console when the hard drive indicator light is active. Well no shit sherlock. And considering it installed 5 GB of data on my drive, that is all the time I am playing the game. But this menu, and many more like it, are like model dialog boxes on a computer; nothing else is going to happen until you select "OK." And like I said, some of these PS3 games have 2 or 3 of these suckers. This glaring problem, that sticks out like a sour thumb, is that the 360 games do not have this problem. Sure, they have warning screens, but that is just it, they are screens, and progress to the rest of the loading screens/logo animations/intro movies/game menus/whatever so that you can start a game, and without thinking too much, be at the main menu ready to load your game.

Off the top of my head, Virtua Fighter 5 had 3 of these such screens, it was outright irritating. Why must you create these screens that you must hit X (or what is even worse, in some cases O) to actually load the game? If you haven't guessed by now, I like to put the disc into my console, sit back in my couch, and play the game. That is why we chose to play console games. If I wanted to click "OK" 15 times before I got to the menu I would be playing PC games.

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