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I meant to post this months ago. (yea, me neither) has been listing Blogcritics articles. Not just Gaming, but Movies, Music, and other categories.

At first I just thought this was another content scraping service. Blogcritics is highly prone to that crap. But I talked to the owner and while they are technically scraping, they are doing the right thing - they do do not pull full text and they link back to the source article.

I am sad to see that they use Google Blog Search to pull in the info because it puts "Google Blogs" in the byline instead of the author. In the beginning, he was grabbing the Blogcritics feed, so it would actually by the true author in the byline.

But we have had to do many things to make it near impossible for people from scraping our content, so I can see why went with the Google Blog Search feeds.

I don't know how much traffic pushes towards Blogcritics, but according to Alexa they have a pretty high reach and page views, though a low rank.

Anyways Blogcritics is usually listed in the top five on subjects such as Nintendo. In December we were number three for PlayStation, Xbox 360, and Nintendo tags, though I believe we are lower now because I do not see as many BC articles on Boxxet.

But hey, traffic is traffic. And it is always nice to have our content listed somewhere else, and not entirely scraped.

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Hi Ken:

Love to work with you on rectifying the attribution to the right author. Drop me a line at partners (at) boxxet (dot) com


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