Bully Scholarship Edition Patch Out; My Achievement Glitch

If you have Bully Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360, Rockstar today gave you one more reason to play the game - a patch that fixes a bunch of known bugs. The game has framerate issues, and a number of hard crashes.

I don't think anyone could call Rockstar tardy on this patch. I commend them for getting it out the door so quickly after problems were found. The majority of the problems -- no doublt blown way out of proportion because of the Interwebs -- had to do with older model Xbox 360s.

Still, not an hour into my play time and I had a hard lock up, leaving me to wonder (as I have an Elite). But I have put in around 10 hrs. into the game and had no other crashes. Of course I just jinkxed myself.

However, I did come have an issue. Upon completing the fourth chapter, I did not get my "Senior" Achievement. Achievement glitches are really annoying, more so for me than any other kind. I have played through Condemned three times, collected every dead bird, and yet have all the silver and the gold bird achievements. That is just poor programming.

In this case all I did was save under a different save file, then reload the game and load my save file from chapter four. Sure enough, the Achievement Unlocked badge came up, giving me the achievement. I guess I am not alone on getting this glitch.

I sure hope this was addressed in the patch that came out today.

So what do I think of the game? Love it. Brilliant writting, really funny, which is par for the course for Rockstar. 

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