Having Bad RAM Sucks

My G5 is three years old now, yes, I know, it is ancient in computer-years. But man is it a workhorse. Until I can't turn it on Friday. I run the Apple diagnostic CD and it tells me I have bad RAM. I took it to the Apple authorized dealer in Toledo, they tell me I have bad RAM.

So off to Crucial I go. The RAM arrived Monday. I installed it. Life is (basically) back to normal. Monday things were still very flakey and because of that, I did not get much done. Tuesday we were back to the races, a full day of work.

Although in man-hours I just completed Friday's work. So I am behind. I hate computers sometimes. What sucks even more is that my G5 is just outside of the three-year AppleCare Protection Plan I purchased for it.

Doesn't it always work like that? It is a conspiricy, I tell you. 

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