Microsoft Xbox 360 DRM Too Restrictive

Xbox 360 DRM is too restrictive to loyal, paying customers. We are not cheating bastards trying to pull one over on the behemouth Microsoft.

While I am glad to hear that Microsoft has done the right thing for a Consumerist reader, I have the same problem as one of the commenters on that article.

My referb/replaced Premium was a complete POS (not another RRoD but drive issues, freezes, etc) so I went and bought an Elite. My Sega XBLA games are now only playable online.

I contacted the developers (Foundation 9) and they have told me it is a glitch with the Sega XBLA games but they would not be fixing it unless Microsoft and Sega commissioned the bug fix.

When pressing MS and Sega for more info on the matter, I got no response, on multiple tries.

Using the Transfer cable to transfer all the files (and license) to the Elite 120 GB drive worked just fine, save for the Sega XBLA games.

But since I "willingly" (Xbox Level 3 support statement) upgraded to an Elite, there was nothing that Xbox support could do about my issue. After hearing that -- and going through hell to get to a level 3 tech! -- I went to Sega PR which got me to Foundation 9.

To this day they have been the only ones to give me any bit of real information regarding the DRM on the 360.

I have been meaning to write an article on this for Blogcritics, but, well, have not had the time.

Something tells me there are other XBLA games that will not play if I unplug the Internet too, but I really don't want to find out, it will just frustrate me even more.

Then there is Sony, where the PS3 DRM is a little too lax. You can load your profile, and purchased games, on up to five systems at once. The only catch so far has been Warhawk, where they will allow you to play the game on more than one console, but make you wait a period of 24 hrs. inbetween.  

We need a happy medium, one where Microsoft does not penalize its users for buying yet another one of their consoles because the first one broke and the referb sent back by support sucked. You may think that scenario is unique, but it is not.

Because I "willingly" spent $450 on a bigger/better Xbox 360, Microsoft support cannot help with my licensing issues. At least not at this point in the products life. Early on when people were getting RRoD, MS support would just give you MS Points to re-purchase the DRM content. That doesn't happen anymore.

So when will this get fixed? Shouldn't I be able to take my 360 to my brother's house and show him all the great XBLA games that I have? No, all I can show him are demos. And he cannot watch any of the TV shows or movies I have on the hard drive, either.

That is a really odd way of making other people want to buy your product, Microsoft. 

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I gave away my refurb 360, and bought an elite too. I pretty much was told "So sorry by customer service." I was so mad, and disapointed that I could only portray it in interpretive dance. I.e. my 360 elite, and hammer. Check out my link for a picture.

I bought the elite 3/21/08, but I owned a 360 a month or two past launch.

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