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UPDATE: I do not appreciate being used in some embroiled WP v. MT argument. Thanks but no thanks (for those not playing along at home, I refer you to this post). My point in this post was not to voice frustration, merely point out the differences.

I have been a non-paying, and paying customer for years. Before MT cost money, I donated. Because I did that, I -- like many others who donated -- were given free personal licenses for MT 3 when it came out. That was a very kind gesture for them.

My comments below are a stepping off point, and I am not merely "trying" to use MTCS for a client. I am using MTCS for a client. I have yet to come upon a situation where I am butting heads with the software, the difference in MTCS being that many parts of the coding, specifically the use of many global templates, is not found in MTOS or MT 4.1 Commercial. Movable Type as a whole is very malleable software. I have been successful in using it in very different ways, and that is why I am a huge supporter of the platform.

I have had the opportunity to work with a number of the people at Six Apart, and they are great people to work with. Their paid support is amazing, and fast, and the user community over at the community forums and ProNet are equally amazing.

It is amazing to think that I have been using Movable Type for five years. I have created many sites and blogs in it. Now I am moving on to something bigger, much bigger: Movable Type Community Solution.

I cannot tell you who the client it, but lets go with "big secret client" for "big secret project."

I plan on a series of MTCS posts here as I stumble my way through developing in MTCS. Yes, it is the same MT, but there is much more to it, lots of new tags and templates, amoung other things.

Initial reaction? Dissapointment (in the UI department). I have been using MT 4.1 and MTOS 4.1 on a number of sites now. I figured that MTCS would be a plugin to MT 4.1 (I still do not know why it could not be, as there is a Community.pack folder, just like there is a Proffessional.pack folder, but on the other hand, much is different).

Next I figured MTCS would be running on the MT 4.1 code base. They have made some nice improvements from MT 4 to MT 4.1, and I am not just talking the Professional Pack and Custom Fields. MTCS runs on MT 4.02a and the little upgrades that are in 4.1 are really missed.

In MT 4.1 when you upload an asset, you can select the Folder you wish to put it in. In MTCS (as of today) you must type in the path. There are other small things I am noticing. These UI elements make a lot of difference, especially to the novice end user.

I am told by Six Apart that they are still in the process of certifying Community against MT 4.1. I hope the update to bring Community in line with MT 4.1 comes very soon.

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