Radiant Mind and Body

Radiant is the latest site I have completely developed in Movable Type. It is also the last site I create in MT 3.3. Shortly after starting production on this site, two other sites went into production, and I have started them out with MT 4.1 and man I love it.

The process of developing a web site using 4.1 is miles ahead of what it was with 3.3. It is truely outstanding how far Movable Type has come.

This site utilizes a message board and a mailing list. And it has a light-weight events calendar that I coded in MT

The worst part about the site was the Flash. Yes, I hate Flash. Frequent readers know that. But this is different. The Flash was tacked on after development of the templates was finished. In fact, it was conceived after the templates, and template code, was finalized.

That means I had to change a bunch of HTML and CSS to get that Flash banner in there. Not to mention the headache it took to get the purple and red swoops on both sides of the orange menu to lign up in Flash and the image background.

Doesn't matter though, because it looks great!

This is also the first site that I used ReCAPTCHA on. It is very easy to add, and is one of the better CAPTCHA providers out there.

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