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So Six Apart released this new Facebook app today, it is called Blog It. I know, how original. Well, it lets me post to my MT, WP, Tumblr, Twitter, Pownce, and of course Facebook mini-feed all at once.

It seems to do a good job, as I just sent my first post. The problem seems to be that is it taking line breaks and doubling them in the HTML coding. To be more clear, it looks like this:

P (text) BR BR /P for every graph I write. That is no good. So, I am using this as another test. My main blog is using MT 3.36, so I will have to test it out with MT 4 as well. I should also note that in the Blog It app in Facebook that I am using the 'Plain Text' Format. They have added Markdown already today which is nice. I hope they add TinyMCE or similar WYSIWYG soon.

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