KONAMI ID and Metal Gear Online

The Metal Gear Online beta starts on the 21st. And I am ready. But man the process to get here was a bitch! Konami sure could have made the process a little easier. First you must obtain a beta key. Then you need to go into Account Management to enter and download the 700+ MB beta.

Launch the beta and you find out that a 1.01 update is required, this is about 600 MB more. This is an update before we have started the beta, mind you. It begs the question: why not make the 1.3 GB beta downloadable from the PS Store? The download of 1.01 was slow slow I left it go overnight to finish.

Now a KONAMI ID is required. You get this at the id.konami.net site. Good luck using it. It took me no less than six hrs. to successfully create my KONAMI ID. It would either time out the web browser, or it would fail with an error stating that the page had expired due to inactivity (even though I had just clicked NEXT to get to the next registration screen). I understand sites like this get busy but this is unreal.

Now for your KONAMI ID, you need to create two names, and two passwords. Think of it like a login name and pin. This is a little much for a bleeping beta.

Back in the beta you enter your Game ID (that would be the second name attached to your KONAMI ID) and your Game ID password. Now we wait for April 21.

For those casually looking to check out the beta, like my friend Juganawt, these rediculous hoops will not be jumped through. Bad move Konami. Bad move. 

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