New Intern & My Renewed Hatred of Windows

Friday our new intern started at the office, which meant Thursday I had to get Haley's old PC cleaned up and ready for the new guy to use. Its not that we wanted to give him a hard time, it's just that we don't have another Mac in the office.

There is a major difference between using a five year old Dell and a five year old Apple computer. I have a 1 Ghz PowerBook G4 that is seven years old and it does not behave as badly as this Dell. To make a really long story short, I spent half the day friday trying to get everything working for him to use Illustrator -- which I thought I had done Thursday before I left the office.

We then spent about a half hour and purchased a referbished iMac from Apple for $999. We looked on Crag's List and eBay, and finally decided on a Certified Referb from Apple. 

The Dell was going to need more RAM, a complete re-install of XP, and a lot of my time. In the end it was fonts that was the bottleneck that made us decide to get a Mac. We do not exclusivly work with OpenType fonts, so going between Mac and Windows would truely be a pain.

The intern is not a Mac person, but we will change that.

Since the "new" iMac is an Intel, I can get the Dell out of the office for good, installing Parallels and XP on it, as there are a couple programs we need Windows for. It arrives by Thursday, and I can't wait.

So to recap we got a new intern and a new Mac on Friday. 

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Stevie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey Ken,

Awesome site!! I love the blog!!! See I can find you anywhere!! Haha =)


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