Seven Year Old Steals Car, Just Wait for GTA Blaming

When a 7-year old kid, obviously being well monitored, goes on a driving spree and smacks four cars (and more) that's actually pretty impressive. I mean, he couldn't even see over the dash and manages to keep going after four accidents? Kids got some skillz.

That said, the interview in the video is unbelievable. "It's fun to do bad things" and he wanted to let his friend smoke are his reasons. His punishment according to him? Take away the video games for a weekend. One weekend. The car is almost totaled. I'm thinking he's a little more screwed than that. I'm sure someone will hear video game and driving spree in the same sentence and run with it.

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I was waiting for "Grand Theft Auto" (not the game) to be brought up, and the reporter did at the end of the segment.

That SUV was MESSED up. Snapped the axle? The two front tires were decimated.

Incredible he did not hurt or kill anyone. I am sure the parents are going to have a big bill to pay, even without a lawsuit.

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