Third Graders Try to Kill Teacher

Yes, third graders. That's what, eight years old?

And not just one of them. Nine of the kids in the class plotted to kill their teacher. It wasn't just a basic let's stab her and run thing either. No, these little bastards had a plan. One was going to tie her up, another planned on blocking out the windows, another was a lookout, etc. They planned this better than some adult criminals plan their own crimes.

I'm not sure whether these kids are evil hell spawns or should be members of Mensa. These are some smart third graders. I felt bad when I heard of kids putting tacks on the chair in third grade. Now these little suckers are skipping the tack phase and going straight for assault with a deadly weapon. Times change.

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andie44 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

They're the bastards here?I think you're the real one in this case! You never know about their family, or their past...
It may not be their fault they're screwed up.

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