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May 19, 2008

Seven Year Old Beats Grandmother... Yep, same kid

See that post below this one? Sure ya do. Watch it? Good. Notice anything familiar about this video here? Yeah, that same seven year old kid has made the news again, this time for taking cheap shots at grandma in a Wal-Mart because she wouldn't buy him some chicken. Seriously. I'd post some personal thoughts on the topic, but someone will just pop in for a one time comment about what an ass I am. Then again, most people already know that.

Darius Rucker to Go Solo Again

Darius Rucker's first solo album away from Hootie? Not so hot. Even as a die-hard Hootie fan, it was a mess. His second has potential, and I hate country. First single can be heard here, another song snippet can be heard in the video, and a performance of many of the upcoming songs can be found here. Grandpa Campbell is really catchy (10 minutes into the last link).

May 20, 2008

Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta

I think this flew under the radar and I touched on it briefly on our radio show tonight. But having a Premium XNA Creators Club account now has tangable benefits. You can now rate and play other people's games (and submit your own) as the beta period started today. See the XNA blog post about it.

If you are connected to higher educatiuon in any way, the one year subscription is free. But if you listened to our Multiplayer Chat radio show, you already knew that.

Cool stuff indeed. I can't wait to try it out. I just went on to the Creators Club site and linked my Gamertag to my XNA profile.

May 22, 2008

My Second Red Ring of Death

Having to live through one RRoD is enough. Far too many people have had to live through two, and that growing list now includes me. My Elite did not last a year. August 2007 to May 2008.

This is rediculous. I payed $300 for the launch 360, and $450 for an Elite, add in all the accessories and games, and you have a rather substantial investment.

I can't wait to call Xbox Support in the morning. Matt and I bought our Elites at practically the same time. His Elite got refurbished a month ago or so, and now mine goes down too. This hardware is absolutely horrible.

I mean, I thought the Elite was a better built machine! My launch Premium lasted longer than my Elite did for the love of God!

This all started a few weeks ago when GTA IV came out. It was crashing my Elite really bad, but no other game was effecting it. Today I start downloading stuff from XBLM and watching the Inside Xbox videos, chatting with friends, and the Dashboard is crashing in the same exact manner that GTA IV was crashing.

So I unplug the HDD and the wireless adapter, and turn it on, RRoD. It also later RRoD with the HDD and wireless adapter plugged back in. It now frequently crashes during the boot process, not even getting past the startup animation of the sphere rotating around to the Xbox logo.

There is now a distinct sound of a motor going "reer" when it powers on. And when it freezes there is an 8-bit type sound and then the screen freeze. That sound and freeze thing was happening in GTA IV only for weeks.

I cannot say that I am surprised. Just very dissapointed.

May 29, 2008

That's Hedley!

Another one of the Blazing Saddles greats has left us. Heddy, err, Hedley Lamar, otherwise known as Harvey Korman, has passed. May you enjoy the afterlife finding your froggy, reminding people of their secretaries, snatching land from its rightful owners, hating cliches, snacking on Raisinets, and remembering that yes, you are in fact armed. You'll be missed.

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