My (Second) 360 Shipped Back to Texas

Man, who ever thought I would be too busy to bitch about something. Well, it took MS over a week to send a cardboard coffin, but my Elite is shipped back to Texas. I have to give them credit, this is much better than last time (last time they sent the box and forgot the return address label).

And for those who have not had this happen recently, let me give you a tip, a tip that Matt found out when his Elite bit the dust a few months back - UPS will not pick up your dead 360 anymore. They used to, but not any more. Luckily I found out that Staples is an authorized UPS shipper.

So now its a waiting game to get my 360 back so I can finally complete GTA IV. Good thing MGS4 is out this week, I won't even notice that hole in the entertainment stand where my Elite was.

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