National Eagle Scout Registry

About a month ago I got a phone call out of the blue, it was a marketing firm for the BSA, they are putting together a Eagle Scout Roll of Honor. They are producing a book with a directory listing, and even have a CD that comes with the hard-bound book. 

The problem is they want close to $60 for the book. So while I am glad to be included in the directory (Eagle Scout, 1995) I am not forking over $60 clams for a directory. If they sold the CD for considerably cheaper, I would consider it (which is what I told them). Still, it is great to see the national BSA office doing this, as aparently there is not any such directory right now. 

I just got my confirmation email/spam telling me that if I would still like to purchase the book, that TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Thanks for the service BSA, no thanks for the wallet rape.

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