The UPS Rant

You will have to excuse me, but this is not going to be a PG-13 post. The seething anger I have right now for UPS, oh I am just pissed at them. And this is not the first flub they have had. You can hit the jump for a purposeless meme that is sure to only satisfy me. Though you might read it as a warning not to use UPS. Because, well, it is.

This is not the first time they have screwed up a package that is important to me. I remember they messed up my G5 order pretty bad. But this takes the cake.

I got an info notice on 6/27 that I missed a delivery. No time was given, further, no time was given when the second attempt, slated for 6/30, would be made.

I called UPS this morning at 8:30 and talked to a lady about it. She said that since the package was attempted to be delivered at 6:19 on Friday, that I should expect it at about that time today. Fine. I ran home at 5 PM today just to make sure I am home. Oh, look what is on my damn door. The info notice for a second delivery - which I find out was attempted at 2:30 today.

Now I have to wait until 8 PM tonight, and burn God knows how much fuel to pick up my Xbox 360 in Maumee tonight. But this gets stranger.

The first info notice said 2 packages, second one says 3. One is from Microsoft (my referb 360) the others are from EA (a game for review) and KidsStuff (a kids game for review). What is really odd is the driver combined both the first attempt for the EA/KidsStuff packages and the second notice for the Xbox 360 into one, that and never filled in the Package From" line on the second notice.

UPS you seriously need to get your shit together. This is not the first time you have totally fubared a delivery of mine. I use FedEx or DHL for a reason, because these types of things don't happen.

I am going to LA in the middle of the month and I do not have time for you to fuck up a third attempt to deliver my packages. At least the second info notice actually checked the time when the third attempt would be made (10:30 to 2:00). Thats more than the first info notice had.

I will give them credit. When I called back to lodge a formal complaint, the forth person at UPS I had talked to today, they were able to tell me that I had three packages, why the first notice said 2 and this second said 3, and where each was coming from.

But that is beside the point, I should not have had to make 3 phone calls to UPS today and talked to four different individuals.

Oh and they say that they cannot deliver a package twice in one day. That is nothing but utter bull shit. When they utterly fucked up my G5 shipment a few years ago the driver delivered it to me (a second attempt for the day) at the dock of West Hall at BGSU.

Seriously, if you ever have the choice of who to ship your packages with. DO NOT chose UPS. I also cannot say I put much worth in USPS either, considering a sizable check from a client, which was sent two day, never got to me (second check from same client, same result, USPS never got it to me - vanished forever).

Go with FedEx or DHL, everyone involved is better for it in the long run.

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