Why are Wii Discs Three Colors?

Something I've been meaning to post for a while to see if anyone has any logical answers. Does anyone know why all Wii discs are only three colors on the top side? Seriously, look at all of your Wii game discs. There are three colors used for the image on the top (at the maximum), and some use less than that. It's like going back to the Sega CD era. There has to be a logical, common sense reasoning for it.

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Seriously? Three? Most of my Wii discs have ONE color.

Maybe it is part of their plan to not sell the system for a loss.

Njiska [TypeKey Profile Page]:

One colour? What are you talking about? All my Wii games are a rich mix of all the colours of the rainbow. At least when i shine it in the right light.

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