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July 2, 2008

2.40 Did Not Bork My PS3

I was really happy that the 2.40 firmware update was live after midnight EST. I updated right away. I restarted, played some Hot Shots Golf, sent messages in-game (whoo hoo!) and then went to sleep.

I got up today and send other messages before I headed to work today. I have a launch 60 GB PS3. My system did not get bricked by the update that has since been pulled. So I don't know what to say, other than I sure as hell am glad it did not happen to me.

July 3, 2008

Firmware 2.40 Recap: About Friggin' Time

So, if the 2.40 update did not brick your PS3, you are jumping up and down right about now. The biggest new thing is the in-game XMB. It works in PS3 games, including Qore. You can now send messages (and read them) while in game. This is a novel concept that Sony should have thought of sometime around November of 2005 when the Xbox 360 launched with this feature.

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Yet Another Static PS3 Gamercard Service

This Playfire service is really, very, sadly, an utter waste of time and effort. It is yet another site to make PS3 Gamercards out of "static" information. Hello people. Lets wake up, seriously. Until Sony releases the API (do they even have one?) there is no point in making a "fake" PS3 Gamercard.

I am getting sick and tired of all these sites that have this grand scheme of manually updating your PS3 Gamercard. It is pointless.

Last Chance to win PS2, PS3 from Blogcritics

Hey everyone out there in Internet Land listen up! Blogcritics is giving away a PS2 and a PS3. All you have to do is enter the drawing. This wonderful opportunity will cease to be wonderful come July 5, so hop to it!

July 5, 2008

My First PS3 Trophy

This is a milestone, I got my first PS3 Achievement, err, I mean Trophy. It is in the only PS3 game that has Trophies, Super Stardust HD, and it is the easiest one in the game, Hero of Lave. It is a Bronze grade Trophy, and now my PS3 Profile is no longer devoid of Trophies.

Oh and I got it before Matt got his. So HA HA.

Led Zeppelin uncomfortable with making money

I am talking about this Kotaku post of course, where Led Zeppelin is apparently not comfortable letting people like Harmonix and Activision get their dirty hands on the master recordings of their songs in order to make the goodness that is Rock Band or Guitar Hero tracks.

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New Feature: Qore Recap

I purchased the subscription to Qore, the new "highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside PLAYSTATION." And in an attempt to provide more exclusive content here on my home blog, I am not going to write this series for Blogcritics. Of course it also has the added bonus (for me, at least) that I do not need to polish the articles. Since the July issue just came out, I will cover that one first. Read my general opinions on Qore after the break.

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BG Fireworks Fizzle on the Forth

If I were a headline writer for a newspaper, which I am not, I would have to call yesterday's fireworks show a complete flop in BG. The fireworks started earlier than they should, and the main show was fine. Then they stopped with no grand finale, at all. About 20 minutes go by and all of a sudden the grand finale begins.

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July 6, 2008

Qore Recap: June 2008

The first episode, and while the contents are good, they could have either given this away as a loss leader, or at least given us an intro video of the contents. They obviously heard feedback from the community and did just that for the July issue, which has an intro video done by Veronica that tells everything in the July episode.

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Xbox.com DRM Tool Works Wonders

So, I just got my 360 back from the repair shop in Texas. Sounds like a good time to try out that Xbox.com DRM tool they released. The process is easy and strait forward, and step one went by pretty quickly. Step two however, well that is another story.

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July 7, 2008

Blaze guts South Toledo apartment buildings

I forgot to mention this the other day, but a bunch of really smart people decided it would be a good idea to light fireworks off. One landed on the roof of a central building, and left nine buildings destroyed and three damages, not to mention about 200 displaced residents.

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Great Deal on Memory Stick Pro Duo

This $65 price at Amazon for an 8 GB stick is pretty darn good. You can get a 16 GB stick for $149, as well - but that is not as good a deal.

But really, only "geeks and otaku" would want that much space.

Very Old Computer Ads

Jason found this post on old computer ads. There is a comment of even more, too.

July 9, 2008

Best. Product Name. Ever.

G-Spot. No, I am not making that up. Since there is no denying bad humor (and this will be even funnier if you actually go and read what the app does): "Honey, I can't find your G-Spot."

Teabag Prevention Team Presents: Bungie Day

Because you need to know how to get around Cold Storage.

Not so safe Apple Developer Connection security?

This is a bad story. Really bad.

July 12, 2008

Replacing the Hard Drive was the Easy Part

I just put a 320 GB hard drive in my PS3. It was a relatively painless process. This is a companion piece to my previously publish article on Blogcritics.

I should have installed the larger drive at the onset of getting my PS3, because this process would have taken a fraction of the time if I was thinking.

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TTAM #6: Upgrading PS3 Games

There does not seem to be one common method to updating a PS3 game, which leads me to believe that Sony has left this task to the developers to decide how, and devise a way to do it.

However they do it, it always ends the same: "Press the PS button and select Quit Game."

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TTAM #7: Upgrading Xbox 360 Games

See, I don't just rag on the PS3 UI. The Xbox 360 needs some work too. Unlike when there is a dashboard update, game updates kick you off Live without warning. This is very irritating to me as I am sometimes in the middle of a voice chat (more often than not) and would simply like to decline the update and play another game. Or, tell my friend I have to update and I will be right back.

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July 13, 2008

In-game XMB a little Disappointing

It seems that in-game XMB in the 2.40/2.41 update is not all inclusive. I found this out today while creating a private online game of Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds. I had the room all setup and I went to send Matt a text message (because, you know, Sony has not figured out cross-game chat yet) and when I hit the PS button I did not get the new in-game XMB, I got the normal menu where you can quit the game, change controller ports, etc.

So I had to call Matt. Lame, Sony, lame.

25% off imports at Play-Asia

From now until July 20 Play-Asia is having one hell of a summer sale: 25% off. Lets take a look at some of these insane prices:

$ 9.68: Pump It Up EXCEED Portable
$ 27.92: Pump It Up Zero Portable
$ 37.42: DJ Max Portable 2
$ 37.42: HAZE
$ 5.18: The Block Kuzushi Quest - Dragon Kingdom

July 14, 2008

Pigskin Podcast #29: NCAA Football 09

This weekend I was a guest on the Pigskin Podcast to talk about NCAA Football 09. Be sure and check it out!

PSN ID, Friends List Now Online

July 31, 2008

PSN Thursday? Really?

Patience is not a viture thqt many gamers have. Seriously, this is pathetic. When MS updates the XBLM it goes live at 3 AM EST the day of, meaning a XBLA game coming out Wednesday (say Geometry Wars 2 as an off the wall example) I know it will be there at 8 AM when I get up so I can download it and play a little before I go to work.

It is Thursday, the day of PSN updates, and they FINALLY have something I want to buy, and its 5:45, I just got home from a long day of work, and Eden is STILL not on the store.

Lets just call it a Friday update for crying out loud.

Thanks for the major let down when I got home from work today, Sony.

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