BG Fireworks Fizzle on the Forth

If I were a headline writer for a newspaper, which I am not, I would have to call yesterday's fireworks show a complete flop in BG. The fireworks started earlier than they should, and the main show was fine. Then they stopped with no grand finale, at all. About 20 minutes go by and all of a sudden the grand finale begins.

By this time everyone has gotten in their cars and are driving home, even the ones who waited around for 10 minutes! I live right across from the football stadium where they light the fireworks off from, and even I missed a bit of the finale as I had to stop what I was doing and walk outside to see them.

Then the finale was over way too fast. And then the fireworks show was over for reals. Needless to say last year's fireworks were much better. I wonder what the real story behind the gaffe is.

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