New Feature: Qore Recap

I purchased the subscription to Qore, the new "highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside PLAYSTATION." And in an attempt to provide more exclusive content here on my home blog, I am not going to write this series for Blogcritics. Of course it also has the added bonus (for me, at least) that I do not need to polish the articles. Since the July issue just came out, I will cover that one first. Read my general opinions on Qore after the break.

For $3 an episode or $25 a subscription, I am a little disappointed in the advertisement videos that pop open and are not skippable. You can always flip a page in a magazine and *poof* there goes the ad - not here, you must sit through it.

As long as Sony continues each month with the premium downloads and unique content, this is just another way to reach out to the community, and is worth the price of admission. Should the content get stale, or be the same as can be found elsewhere, then there will be a problem.

The June episode came with the beta invite for the upcoming SOCOM Confrontation, and the July episode came with a demo of Naruto Ultimate Ninja STORM. Not bad for two episodes.

And if for some reason you never bought Calling All Cars when it first hit the PSN, you get that as an incentive for purchasing the subscription.

So for now it remains a good deal, but content is king, and gamers are fickle creatures. Another angle to take here is that the PS3 needs content, and Qore is providing content. That is a good thing, especially for the summer months.

I just wish it did not take so damn long to download the sucker. So far they have weighed in at over 1.5 GB each.

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