Qore Recap: June 2008

The first episode, and while the contents are good, they could have either given this away as a loss leader, or at least given us an intro video of the contents. They obviously heard feedback from the community and did just that for the July issue, which has an intro video done by Veronica that tells everything in the July episode.

Some cynical types might call this the "demo and trailer" service that people are paying for, others may call this the same thing as Inside Xbox on the 360, but not free. Both statements may be correct, but here we are in the summer starved for content on the PS3.

File Size: 1577 MB

The Goods: The SOCOM Confrontation beta invite is the reason to get this one, and starts the service off with a bang. Though the beta is not ready yet, so you will have to keep this 1.5 GB file around for a bit (or re-download it - not recommended).

Technical note: The audio normalization sucks. The audio levels for when Veronica is speaking, to those stupid ads, to the video interviews, and the music that plays in the menus is all off. Hope they fix this in future episodes.

Qore opens with the Incredible Hulk trailer, then you get to the meat of this episode: SOCOM Confrontation. The Ultimate Team interview, SOCOM Gallery, (concept art, in-game shots) SOCOM Theme (download) Clan Warfare video interview, and the above mentioned beta invite.

The next section has a Soulcaliber IV interview, and an Afro Samurai interview. The fact that I have to watch these ads over again after I quit Qore is ridiculous. It should cache the fact I sat through the damn ad already.

Next up is a section on Secret Agent Clank for PSP. Gadgetry of Robot interview, Sneak Clank interview, and Gadgets and More gallery round out this section.

Finally we have a section of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This Ain't Yoda's Force interview, Explore the Galaxy interview, The Rancor Battle video, TFU Graphic Novel teaser, (six pages) Game Art Gallery (lots of concept art) and finally a spoof video called Darth Katers that is pretty funny.

Conclusion: Disregarding the fact that Darth Vader having a secret apprentice is utter blasphemy, (is it even canon?) the game looks great and these interviews were pretty good. The interviews on a whole were pretty good, and high in number.

Remember, keep a hold of this one as it will allow you to download the SOCOM beta.

Worth your $2.99? I give it a thumbs up. Good show for a first impression of the service.

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