Replacing the Hard Drive was the Easy Part

I just put a 320 GB hard drive in my PS3. It was a relatively painless process. This is a companion piece to my previously publish article on Blogcritics.

I should have installed the larger drive at the onset of getting my PS3, because this process would have taken a fraction of the time if I was thinking.

My 60 GB drive was nearly full with DLC, PSN games, demos, and cache files from retail games. The PS3 only recognizes FAT32 for external drives. Meaning I had to delete at least 30 GB of files to be able to back the PS3 up.

Bye bye demos, I will have to download you again. Sayonara cache files for Hot Shots, MGS4, GT5 Prologe, UT3, Time Crisis, Ridge Racer 7, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

The only ones I did not delete were those that were small, or had significant updates since the initial install process, such as MotorStorm, LAIR, Heavenly Sword, RFOM, Warhawk, and Folklore.

You can tell that this is going to take a long time to install these games again. Curse me for actually playing games on my PS3.

Hot Shots Golf will not launch with a saved game on the drive, which is pretty lame. Once it does install there is an online update your have to download as well. Total file size: 3.6 GB

Ninja Gaiden Sigma has an optional install, but I highly recommend it, as it makes the game a better experience overall. Total file size: 3.3 GB.

Time Crisis 4 has a hard drive install and an update. I guess I should have backed it up. Total file size: 2.4 GB.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has a mandatory install as well as an update. Total file size: 5.3 GB.

Ridge Racer 7 is another game that has an optional install. But again, I would suggest running it. And at least here you have something to do while staring at the percentage meter slowly reach 100: play Xevious. Total file size: 4.9 GB.

Unreal Tournament III had a game update to install, then it installs some mandatory files, and finally has an optional install (which I recommend installing). Total file size: 2.3 GB.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction was close to a rather large snafu. It told me it needed more space on the HDD to install 419 MB of data. One look at the System Information in the XMB told me I had enough space: 203 GB available. So I deleted five demos I wanted to try. Apparently 207 GB free is enough to install 400 MB of cache data - absolutely ridiculous. However I found out that even on a vanilla 60 GB model it took a few tries for a friend to install the game, so maybe just bad code? Total file size: 417 MB.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is my final game to install, and I knew it was going to be a doozy. Since MGS4 and MGO share the same cache file (why?) there was no way for me to keep one without the other when prepping to backup my PS3. MGS4 has an initial install, then installs different data per chapter you play. It then has the Metal Gear Online install when you play it for the first time, plus there is a MGO update the first time you do play it. Total file size: 4.5 GB.

Done, finally. It took the better part of the afternoon, but I can finally have all my games installed at once and not worry deleting files when I buy my next PS3 game.

I only hope that 300 GB of usable hard drive space will be enough in the long run. Of course if PS3 games did not require installs, I would not have had to do any of this in the first place.

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