TTAM #7: Upgrading Xbox 360 Games

See, I don't just rag on the PS3 UI. The Xbox 360 needs some work too. Unlike when there is a dashboard update, game updates kick you off Live without warning. This is very irritating to me as I am sometimes in the middle of a voice chat (more often than not) and would simply like to decline the update and play another game. Or, tell my friend I have to update and I will be right back.

In contrast, when a PS3 game update is available, you are told so in a XMB screen. If you accept it, the update is then downloaded and installed (yes, some games on the PS3 seem to do things correctly, downloading, installing, and even restarting the game once completed).

I would hope that a future Xbox 360 Dashboard update that we are given the choice to update our games (they are getting more and more frequent) so this little annoyance would go away.

I don't mind the updates, especially when they fix major bugs in programming, but you should not get kicked off of Live without warning only to THEN be asked if you wish to update or not.

That is like putting the cart before the horse.

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