DRM Tool Works Wonders

So, I just got my 360 back from the repair shop in Texas. Sounds like a good time to try out that DRM tool they released. The process is easy and strait forward, and step one went by pretty quickly. Step two however, well that is another story.

Turns out that I have 1046 licenses over four different consoles (which includes the referb I just got back). Yea, four. Yea, 1046. Following the simple instructions on the web site synced all 1046 licenses to my referb. That was step one.

Step two entails downloading every bit of content again. Now, since I have it on the hard drive, I only have to download the key to every piece of DLC again, but still. This process took over two hours of nothing but sitting in front of the TV and clicking download over and over again in my Download History under Account Management. If I would have had to actually download the content over again it would have taken a week at least.

Considering how many games I own multiple pieces of DLC for, the biggest being Rock Band, I knew this would take forever.

But they payoff is sublime. Even the SEGA Classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog are now playable offline, which is a first I have been able to do that in years.

Major Kudos to Microsoft. The DRM issue is bad, and the SEGA Classics were really borked. This "fixes" the issue. Now I can finally take my 360 somewhere that does not have a readily available broadband connection and play all my XBLA games and Rock Band tracks.

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