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August 8, 2008

Qore Recap: August 2008

The big draw this month is the Resistance 2. If you have been reading the PS Blog, you know that if you have an annual subscription to Qore, you get "premium" access to the Resistance 2 beta. Whatever that means, there is something in store for people who plunked down the $25 a year over those who just paid the $3 for this issue.

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August 9, 2008

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Trophy Glitch

Just like when the Xbox 360, and Achievements, launched, the PS3 Trophy system is not without glitches. There is a GameSpot thread on this subject, too -- meaning it is not just me.

I have the 30 head shot medal in the game, but not the Trophy for it. I also have the 20 treasures found medal in the game, but do not have the Trophy for that unlocked either. Word on the forums is to just wait a day and it will be unlocked, maybe. The problem seems to be because the Trophy unlocks a few seconds after you actually complete the requirements, though sometimes it is just not unlocking -- even though it is unlocked in the game's Medals screen.

UPDATE: I just got my 25th treasure, another in game medal and Trophy. I got the in game medal, but not the trophy. So yea, there is a glitch.

UPDATE 2: I think someone from High-Def Digest Forums figured it out. Because according to my in-game medals, I should have a shit-ton of Trophies by now. and I don't.

OK Quick follow up. It looks like the problem is associated with creating new game saves.

When you start the game it asks you to create a game save. So long as you only use this game save everything seems to work fine.

However, if you create a second game save (I tend to so I can easily jump back to different sections of the game) then when you load this new save in it stops you from any longer getting trophy's (you will also notice in the bottom left of your medals screen there will be a little trophy icon with a x below it indicating you no longer get trophys. (I'm guessing this is just an easy way to make sure nobody is loading in downloaded saved games to get easy access to tropys.)

It would have been nice if they had mentioned that somewhere during the update though.

Yes, it would have been nice to do that. You see, many gamers, myself included, are used to saving out different save files when possible if something bad happens or we want to go back to a specific part of the game. LAME.

UPDATE 3: I just finished Uncharted. Great game. I count 14 medals I do not have Trophies for because of the trophy glitch. I will have to wait to get another retail game to test and see if this is truly a problem with trophies in general or something that is unique to this game. I have a bad feeling that this is just a "feature" of trophies.

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