Qore Recap: August 2008

The big draw this month is the Resistance 2. If you have been reading the PS Blog, you know that if you have an annual subscription to Qore, you get "premium" access to the Resistance 2 beta. Whatever that means, there is something in store for people who plunked down the $25 a year over those who just paid the $3 for this issue.

File Size: 1382 MB

The Goods?: Other than the ability to play the Resistance 2 beta in the future, there is not a lot here. The content is lacking compared to the last two issues.

For DC Universe Online there are two short interviews, Can I Beat Up Batman, and Delivering DC, as well as an art gallery Art of DC Online.

For Lego Batman are two short interviews, Hollywood Games and From Legos to Life, and a surprisingly short art gallery, Batman Art Gallery.

Baja: Edge of Control is up next, and let me just start of by giving you my opinion here. If you are going to showcase a video of game play in an outlet such as Qore, you should probably bring your best. Baja looks like crap. It is devoid of both color and scenery, and who knows how the actual driving physics are - they might be good. Even the ad that plays is not that exciting. At all.

Again we have two short interviews, Controlled Chaos and Baja Brutality, and likely the worse gallery I have ever seen in my entire life. All it is are six renders of vehicles on a white background. No game play, no concept art, nothing. They really did not make a good impression here in Qore for this game.

The last game showcased is NBA 09 The Inside, which has some good info on game play changes and updates this year (wow they finally added a franchise mode, it only took them how many years?). But it is short and sweet with two interviews, Elevating the Game and Living the Life. No art gallery here.

There is a really stupid free throw shooting game if you hit R2 on the NBA 09 segment screen. I scored 36 my first try. It is utterly simple and completely devoid of challenge, is pointless, and can't these people give us more video content that lame ass "games?"

The last thing you get is a Qore theme! I know, I was so excited I downloaded it right away too. Sony should really be giving people a different game if they already own Calling All Cars. I mean that game came out ages ago. I have owned it since it was released.

Conclusion: It seems like Qore is turning into a for-pay beta test service for Sony. That is pretty sleazy if you ask me. Inside Xbox has a lot of videos on it, and even has standard features like IGN Strategize, Pick Up and Play, Major's Minute, In the Q, The OXM Report, and Insider Moves. If Sony is going to charge for its game related video content delivery, it better well start showing something at least as good as what Microsoft puts on Inside Xbox.

This month was a stinker, other than that beta invite, whenever that is.

Oh and the sound effects in that Qore theme are god awful annoying. My ears are bleeding.

Amy I happy I spent the $25 on the year subscription? At this point: no. Hope next month has better content and not just promises of a beta that lingers some time in the future.

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