Block Premium Text Messaging 47941 or get $9.99 Charge

OK this has just been a wonderful day. I have Verizon Wireless. Today they had nice customer service that was helpful to a point. They blocked this "Premium Text Messaging" for me but cannot refund the $9.99 that has been charged to my account.

So do this, call up Verizon Wireless (or whatever your carrier is) and have them block premium text messages. Then you won't get a rogue $9.99 charge on your bill.

If you call the phone number on the text message (I got it Aug 31 and disregarded it as spam, so did not even look at it) you get a mumbling voice that tells you he can help! He then gives you instructions to stop the service (text STOP to 47941) and then says any other inquires should be sent to their email address, So there is no human being at the phone number, that being 1 800 510 1468. That is right, the flipping company is called Too Lazy. And they sell horoscopes.

The Verizon billing specialist I talked to tells me they used a double opt-in method, where someone has to text the premium number, 47941 in this case, from the handset. Well that never happened. I don't need to pay $9.99 for ONE text message to tell me that I am a son of a bitch (I am a Taurus, thanks for asking).

Right now I am looking for a place to lodge a formal complaint about Too Lazy LLC. So the moral of the story is to call your carrier and have them block premium text messages. Then this shit won't happen.

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Clifford [TypeKey Profile Page]:

A wonderful day indeed.This 47941 scam has been costing me 20.00 a month.These people should be prosecuted.It is no different from bank robbery.I did not punch in that number.I will take care of this today with my provider AT+T and will let you know what's up.I am friggin' fuming!

I have been meaning to update this post. Since I had Verion block the Premium messages, I have had *a lot* blocked. So I am guessing this was costing me a lot and I just never noticed it before. Which is total BS.

iNGRID jONES [TypeKey Profile Page]:

This scam also was costing me 20.00 a month. I unsubscribed, but was still charged. I 1st called predicto at 800-360-0518 and demanded my refund by asking for a supervisor. I will be getting a refund, but have yet to hear from too lazy text, but I will fight until the bitter end to get my refund from them.

styrane [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I would like to make a comment regarding the toolazy text messaging fee also. I played an IQ game online and I had to enter my cell phone number (I believe the last four digits only) as a pin, to get my IQ (very high IQ....???). Then my cell phone bill seemed higher than usual since February, but I only phoned Verizon today, and found out I have been charged $10.15 on each of my two phone lines (since my husband also played the game and entered his cell phone number)- a total of $20.30 since February.
I found out it was TooLazy that billed me for a txt message. I contacted them and the gentleman said someone registered me online to have their service. This is BS--- I don't even use Txt messaging, much less premium txt. They cancelled my account, but are not giving me a refund for the 3 months-total of $60.oo+ Can someone help find out whom we can contact to have this company reimburse us for our lost money? This would be really appreciated.
The phone number I have is: 800-510-1468
Thank you

Ryan Smith [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I also am MAD AS ____ about this provider. I answered some quizzes on FaceBook, and the following text no's are also doing the same thing:
47941 No human contact available

44123 call 888-801-6720, you get the run-around.

84287 these 2 numbers were the easiest. Call 800-235-7105, you get an operator who will take your information, and a confirmation no., and the promise of a refund check within 10-14 business days. We'll see.

Poky Mom [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I got the $9.99 charges on my bill today from Verizon for a RECIEVED text message (that was never responded to) from # 47941 (toolazy LLC) Verizon told me this was a scam that is done constantly, and that people will go onto Facebook and enter in false numbers to "subscribe" them. (Personally, I bet the employees of this scam company just type in random numbers so they can charge them) Verizon reversed the charges, and said that they would collect it from TooLazy, and also blocked the premium texting from our phones. I forwarded this information to the Attorney General for our state as well.

This is fraud. If i mailed someone a flyer that says "if you do not call me and tell me I'm not allowed to rob your house, you are giving me permission to rob it as I see fit" Id go to jail. How is this company getting away with doing the same flipping thing....

Ken Edwards [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Poky Mom,

I am glad to hear that you got Verizon to reverse the charge, but now even more pissed off that they would not do that for me.

babski [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Poky Mom and Ken,
Verizon did not reverse my charges either. I still can't figure out what I was charged for and when I called the phone # that appears on my bill an automated message told me to go online. This really stinks.

PetSitter711 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

OK, here's what I found out. First, for Too Lazy LLC, text STOP to 47941 from your cell phone. Second, call your carrier. Mine is US Celluar. Ask them to block premium messaging and ask THEM to obtain the refund for you. US Cellular went on line and rec'd a confirmation for a refund in the amt of $9.99 within 30 days. We'll see. For the Official IQ quiz refund, call 800-235-7105. An operator will answer and gladly take your info to stop further charges. She also processed a refund by mail for me - says I will receive it w/i 10 business days....we'll see. She did give me a confirmation #. Hope this helps!

Moniker Privacy Services
Moniker Privacy Services
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach
Above is the registered owner and address of the service and service as listed on
Here is their phone number as well:
Phone: +1.954-984-8445
Fax: +1.9549699155 is the website for this company. I recommend everyone that can, call the company and complain because they are the ones allowing this company to exist because they are supplying the domain services for their website which allows the actual person/company to remain anonymous. I have already left a message for them tonight and plan to keep calling until the website is shutdown


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