Breaking 1500 at Blogcritics

Soon, I'll be breaking a milestone for Blogcritics. With one more post, I'll have 1500 articles on the site. While not the highest count by any means, that's 300 articles a year on average, a crap load of writing to say the least. I don't write anywhere near as much as I used for the site, so I was surprised that I was close to anything notable.

I'm not sure if I should do something special or just let it go. The next article on tap is a Blu-ray review to the simply fucking terrible sequel to Rest Stop. Hardly a celebration. But if I don't do anything special, there's always 2000, which sounds more impressive anyway I guess. If someone has an idea, feel free to post it here, but either way, something is going up in the next day or two regardless.

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Ken Edwards [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Congrats Matt! I agree that 2000 sounds a lot better than 1500. I wouldn't worry about writing anything special, though I know you love to review those terrible movies, so that might be special enough?

Phael [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Another joyous hallmark is hitting a FIVE digit daily views

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