Dear Sony, Life with PlayStation Sucks

Life with PlayStation is a pretty sparse life if you ask me. Not many cities listed at all. NONE in Ohio. Lets see here, Cleveland Plain Dealer, thats not a big newspaper, is it? Akron Beacon Journal, Toledo Blade, Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, I could go on here, those are just the major news sources (and major cities) in Ohio. But lets not pick on Sony just because I live in Ohio...

All of two cities in California, one in Texas (why they would pick Houston is beyond me), one in Florida, three total in Canada. Many U.S. States with no listings, mainly the ones between Denver to Washington D.C. -- yes that is a lot of land.

In all, Life with PlayStation lists only 12 U.S. cities in the States. Pretty pathetic when you fire up the weather and news channels on the Wii.

Sure, this is better than looking at molecule diagrams and it was a brilliant idea to make Life with PlayStation the facade for Folding@home. But lets list a few (read: lots) more cities in the U.S. and worldwide.

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