R.I.P. PowerBook G4 (2001-2008)

My 1 Ghz PowerBook G4 is no longer usable. It will no longer take a charge, no matter what battery I use. I got seven good years out of it. And it was a MUCH better system than that lemon 500 Mhz PowerBook G4 I had prior. Of course I broke the cardinal rule, I bought the first rev of an Apple product.

Now if my three year old Dell laptop would perform half as well as my seven year old PowerBook did, I would be happy to use it as a laptop replacement. I think it is WIndows XP. This Inspiron 700m is slow as shit. Shamefully I need it to test web pages on, so I don't think I will be installing Linux on it any time soon.

I will sure miss my PowerBook. I will get another Mac laptop some day. But my next Apple purchase will be a Pro desktop, to replace my "aging" three year old dual 2.5 Ghz proc G5.

Computers sure don't last long enough any more.

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Wow, thanks for all the traffic MacSurfer. For anyone who is reading this, I found out the cost for a DC board and cable.

My dad looked the parts up on Apple's web site and he can get the board for $7 and the cable for $6. So next time I am home we will give it a shot. If it doesn't fix the issue I am not out much at all.

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