Adobe CS3, Office, Spam Sieve Setup

Yesterday saw some real work done. I got Adobe CS3 installed (just in time for CS4 to come out!) and Office 2008 installed. That was a nightmare. Take a look at this MacFixIt article to see my pain.

Spam Sieve is going to take a bit of re-training. It is a little to aggressive right now, but that is not really a bad thing. Going through an inbox of 17 days of email (both legit and some spam that was not caught) is going to take forever. I started by weeding out the false-positives and classifying them as good mail. Always get a lot of false-positives at the very beginning.

Setting up a machine from scratch takes a lot of time. Next up I need to get FileMaker Advanced setup and updated, as well as smaller apps like Transmit, Toast, Suitcase, etc.

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