Gems on Display Site and Newsletter Redesigned

Gems on Display has been a big project. The site got a major overhaul graphically, and a number of the shopping cart functions were tweaked, changed, or removed for usability. Haley did the design and Dacor, who hosts the site, made all the shopping cart modifications.

That leaves me in the middle of taking the design from Illustrator and making it work in HTML, adding some nice Jquery effects along the way. The new site is really sharp and something I am very proud of.

Even more proud, however, is the new newsletter, which gets sent to quite a few people monthly. For that we are using PHPList on a dedicated server. It handles the task with ease. I am most proud of this because I was able to get the newsletter to look 99% the same in GMail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage, and pretty much any other POP/IMAP mail client.

That is no small feat. It takes a very odd assortment of old school HTML tricks (think nested tables and transparent .gif images) and very basic CSS to pull off and work in all the major free webmail and desktop email clients.

Add to that the fact that PHPList automatically sends out text-based versions for those who do not have (or have it turned off) HTML capabilities in their email client, and this is a vast improvement. The design of the new newsletter mirrors that of the new site design.

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