Sony sure is doing a good job! They must have learned so much from the beta. Stuff about user demand, provisioning of servers, stuff like that. Well that all went to shit today as I cannot do anything online in LittleBigPlanet.

I cannot publish a level. When tried Quick Play I stared at a white screen for a while before it loaded a level - with no one in it but me. Playing that level was very, very laggy. And please let me remind you that I was the only one in it.

Many people cannot connect at all. It took me about 10 tries. Let me put this better into perspective for you. I logged into Movable Type, created a new entry, and have typed all this since I tried to play a community level. Just now it has told me it failed to load the level. Play Online is the default, it seems I can play it alone, but that is not the point. Scratch that. I just tried another community level multiple times and it failed to load too.

Trying to publish my level again gives me the same error again. Please try again later I am told. Now I am trying to play a main story level online. So far it has loaded and the only way I can describe it as a slide show. A high-def slide show, but a slide show.

The Game leader has left. You are now the Game leader. Well that is great but it does not let me hit the OK button to dismiss the message. The Game leader has left. What? It just told me I was the game reader. Now I think I am in the level by myself.

The windmills here in Skate o Victory are not moving as fast as they usually do. So not only do we have severe frame drops, we have slowdown even when one SackPerson is on the screen.

I can't even seem to navigate around the in-game News without things locking up on me for a little bit.

Fine. Screw this. LittleBigWasteOfTime.

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