Mozilla Thunderbird is SLOW

So, I am still using my dinky Dell laptop, still no MacPro. So Thunderbird is the obvious choice for email, unless I go full out and use Outlook - which I do not want to do, this is a temporary thing. Besides, I like Mozilla and Firefox freakin' rocks.

I have tried out Thunderbird before but never used it on a daily basis. Well I can tell you from using it for about a week that it is bloody slow! I upgraded to the latest version. And it still displays, and most annoyingly, deleted emails from the list slower than... paint dries.

I mean click or select emails, hit 'delete' key, wait five to ten seconds, and then finally watch the junk go *poof* from your inbox.

Outlook 2003 on this Dell does not lag like this. So now I deleted Thunderbird entirely from my computer and am now using Outlook until I get my MacPro.

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That's weird - only today our IT department decided to officially support Thunderbird because it was better with resources than Outlook 2003. It's been causing particular problems on our virtual servers.

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