New Mac Pro, missing backed up files

Got my Mac Pro this morning. That is like opening your gifts at Christmas of course. Plug in my external firewire drive that I had The Answer Factory copied from my semi-FUBAR drives, and there is nothing in my Home directory, save for the Desktop folder. Well, I need that, but Documents and Library are a bit more important.

So I take the SATA drive (still had it in the office luckily) and my firewire drive down to the shop. Hopefully the true backup will be done early in the morning.

So I did things today at work that did not involve applications like FileMaker Pro, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Which really isn't much.

I got exactly two pieces of software installed. Firefox and Adium. All my other software installers and serial numbers are in a database in my Documents folder. I have a backup of Documents but of course it doesn't have the files I need.

Good thing is the files are not lost, they just did not get copied over in the move. Tomorrow should be a more productive day.

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