Time Warner Cable, not very proactive

So my cable modem has been working like crap lately. Have had to reset it once a day, sometimes more, because I could not get on the Internet.

I finally called them and find out that my modem is in "very bad health" and that the green/yellow/red indicator light for the health of my modem is in the red zone. Really nice of them to tell me.

I could have someone come out or I could just take it down to the TWC store and swap it out. I chose to go down to the store, as I don't want to wait four days for the appointment and have to be home "between 9 and 5" for the guy to show up at 4:58 PM.

While swapping out and getting a new cable modem the lady at the desk tells me that my account has "old codes" on it and that she is updating my billing, and it will save me $5 a month. I was "grandfathered in" and was under a plan they no longer use. Really, I wonder how long I could have been saving $5 a month. Scratch that, I do not want to know.

So not only does TWC not tell you when they know well and good when THEIR cable modem is failing on you, but I would not have gotten $5 off a month had I not made the trip the TWC store. So, why the hell couldn't the CSR I talked to on the phone have caught the fact that I was not on the correct monthly plan? Gee, I wonder.

Really wonderful ISP, that.

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