Fallout 3 Game Corruption Problem

I have a problem but it is not straightforward by any means.

I just got a brand new 360, Arcade, as my last one's DVD drive died. I had an issue that my Gamer Profile got corrupt when trying to use my hard drive on a different 360 until I could afford to purchase a new one of my own.

So as of yesterday, I am back on Live, with a brand new 360, and my existing Elite HDD.

Seeing as I have been off of Live for over 3 months I had not downloaded any of the Fallout 3 DLC yet. So, just bought and downloaded all 3 packs yesterday.

Today I fire up the game and it says "Loading DLC" and so I go to Load my game, and about 80% of my game save files say Corrupt File. The only ones that do NOT say Corrupt File are from my secondary character, I had started an assassin chick, maybe 10 hours into that campaign.

My main character has about 100 hours, and has completed the game. I was hoping to open the auto save before the end of the game, so I could start playing the DLC.

So I go back to the Dashboard. In Memory it shows ALL my Fallout 3 saves (I have a lot, I like to save out to different Save files often). None have the yellow warning icon on them when a file is corrupted in the Dashboard, they all have the Fallout 3 face icon on them.

It does not matter if my Gamer Profile resides on the HDD or my MU that I bought to put my Profiles on recently.

Here is where things get complicated, and by that I mean there are too many variables here for me to really know what is going on. I am sorry to have to do this, but I need to give you some background of the situation.

Shortly after I published that, I got a phone call from Microsoft. I guess an exec. saw that and had a Senior Support Specialist contact me about the Gamertag corruption problem. Now, none of my game saves or any other data on the drive was showing or is showing (now) the yellow warning icon in the Dashboard. But as soon as I stuck my 120 GB drive on another Xbox 360, I had corrupt Gamer Profiles. I recovered them yesterday to my MU just fine.

So I do not know if the Fallout 3 Game Saves were corrupt before I downloaded the 3 DLC packs or not. I don't know if the game saves were corrupted because of my Gamer Profile corruption, or if the DLC has messed up my game saves. Also don't know if the game's Title Update messed things up. All I know is every single one of my game saves from my primary character says Corrupt File inside of Fallow 3's Load screen but seem fine in the Dashboard.

Now, I loaded a few more games up. GTA IV save is intact, and Rock Band 2 save is intact. All games I load up again seem to work. So this has something to do with Fallout 3 and only Fallout 3. I have tried to troubleshoot this problem as best I could, I hope that someone at Bethesday may have an answer for me. Because honestly, as much as I want to play the DLC, I might not have downloaded it *right now* had I known this would happen. Because it looks like I am going to have to play the game over again, save for about 10 hrs. from the beginning of the game.

Just to make sure this doesn't run in the family, I popped in Oblivion. I own all the DLC packs for that (no, not the horse armor) and I had no problem loading my main character, who is in the middle of Shivering Isles. So that game is fine, too.

Also, when I started, well every game I have mentioned above, there was an auto update to them. This is because as part of the troubleshooting for my bad DVD drive, the tech. had me clear the HDD cache. That did not fix the DVD drive problem (of course, I knew it would not), it only means that every game I load is going to have a Title Update.

I have emailed Pete Hines at Bethesda to see if they can give me any insight into the situation. I also posted this to the Official Bethesda forums. Fun stuff, isn't it?

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