Hellz Yeah!! Little Mac is Back!

I am so glad that "Hellz Yeah!!" is not on the box art. So, I did not get a pink hoodie, like others did. But you know what? I would likely never wear a pink hoodie. Ever.

PunchOut!! Shirt
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It says here I am not to spoil the game's "special, super secret" character in my review. I guess I have some playing to do to beat it and find out. Ah well, the game looks good and plays like Punch-Out!! so we are safe there. Have to recommend ditch the Nunchuck and use the Classic Control scheme for this one.

I think this game is going to mean more for those among us who actually played it on the NES. Lots of fun, and nostalgia. I will be talking about this on our radio show tomorrow and will have a full review up on Blogcritics Gaming.

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