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July 5, 2010

Best Practices: Creating KML/KMZ; Google Earth Browser Plugin

I have spent the last couple weeks working with KML and KMZ files that were provided by a third party. While most if not all of these suggestions or "Best Practices" may seem like basic knowledge to any web designer/developer, they are not common knowledge to all. My job (one of many) is to make a web site perform well, load fast, and generally not seem "broken" or "buggy" to the user. In this case I had to figure out exactly how to reduce the size of KMZ files, and get them loading propery in Google Earth in the browser.

Through trial and error, and by that I mean a lot of trials, and a lot of errors, I have come to understand that the Desktop version of Google Earth is much more forgiving than its Browser Plugin counterpart. For the project, we are embedding KMZ into a web page, and not providing a link to download and then view in the Desktop version of Google Earth.

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