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November 18, 2011

Skyrim "The Forsworn Conspiracy" Glitch

This glitch has been the topic of more than one Yahoo Answers topics, but only one of them had the exact flavor of the glitch I had. Yes, this glitch has a few different incarnations, isn't that just grand.

I will try and be as spoiler free as possible. Note that if you are on PC you have one thing the PS3/360 version does not: the console. Like other TES games, you can use the console to step through a quest just like you would debug a program. I am not here to address the PC version or the console in Skyrim. The above link has the correct console commands for you.

During your investigation go back to the shrine EVERY TIME and talk to Eltrys. The quest markers DO NOT tell you to do this. For one, you will get more money out of him, but the real reason is that the quest will not completely bug out. You need to investigate 2 people, investigate both and report to Eltrys. This is one quest where it really DOES NOT help to do all the misc. parts at once. That seems to cause this wonderful little glitch.

After investigating both persons, you will want to go to the treasure house and speak with this guy there. And finally DO NOT go and kill Nepos, as much as you would like to at this point. That may/may not result in the glitch, too (I did not try every permutation here, I do in fact have real work to do today).

Go back to the shrine once you are done in the treasure house. You will immediately be greeted by guards, the quest will complete, and the following quest will start right away!

The Glitch: You head back to the shrine and there is a white waypoint parker hovering next to the right column, but not over the guard himself. Some have said to just use the Wait command for an hour. This did not work for me. Complete the quest as stated above, and everything will come out peachy. Complete the following quest and you will get all your stuff back safely.

Skyrim Overworld Map Could Be Better

There is not a lot to complain about in Skyrim, but a game that you will spend over 100 hours in really does need a fairly functional overworld map. There is no denying that the map in Skyrim is much better than Oblivion, but it still leaves some things to be desired.

1) Why on EARTH are the Dunmer ruins not on the map at all? When you find one, they do not display on the map as a marker of any kind. This is mind boggling, considering some of the best weapons, armor, and smithing items are found within.

2) Why doesn't the map have some sort of legend of any kind, so it is very clear what each icon means.

3) Why doesn't the (missing) legend allow me to toggle on/off specific icons on the map? It gets pretty darn crowded after 100 hours of wandering around Skyrim, and being able to toggle items on/off would sure make navigating the game a bit easier.

4) Why can't the map display the (discovered) paths up mountains? One of my other major frustrations in this game is that you may take a half hour trying to find the ONE way to get to the summit of a mountain. A game like this does NOT need to be artificially lengthened like that.

All four of these things will likely come in the form of mods for the PC version of the game. My fourth issue has already been addressed, somewhat, with a Google Street View-type view of the world map.

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