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April 4, 2010

I used to have this blog...

Well, it has been some time since I have written here. Did I get burnt out? Run out of time. Not really. Twitter happened.

I joined Twitter in January of 2007, but have in the past year used it more regularly.

But I have the itch to blog again. Mainly to rant about stuff. So yay, Breaking Windows is back!

July 14, 2008

Pigskin Podcast #29: NCAA Football 09

This weekend I was a guest on the Pigskin Podcast to talk about NCAA Football 09. Be sure and check it out!

April 30, 2008

Blog It Facebook App Review Redux

Bryan Tighe, the app developer is helping me out. I think we have got it working.

It seems that there is an issue with MT 3.35 where it puts in extra spaces on the published page, even though if you login to MT and republish, things look fine again. The problem I was having (consistently) was that I had not changed my Web Services password from the default one. Once I did that, everything was peachy again.

So, I need to upgrade Breaking Windows to MT 4, and Blog It needs to support Categories. Then this will be a Facebook application that I would use on a daily basis. Read my original review.

April 17, 2008

Review: Six Apart's Blog It Facebook App

UPDATE: Bryan Tighe, the app developer is helping me out. I think we have got it working. 

It seems that there is an issue with MT 3.35 where it puts in extra spaces on the published page, even though if you login to MT and republish, things look fine again. The problem I was having (consistently) was that I had not changed my Web Services password from the default one. Once I did that, everything was peachy again.

So, I need to upgrade Breaking Windows to MT 4, and Blog It needs to support Categories. Then this will be a Facebook application that I would use on a daily basis.

Read full, original, review, after the break.

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Blog It Test From Facebook

So Six Apart released this new Facebook app today, it is called Blog It. I know, how original. Well, it lets me post to my MT, WP, Tumblr, Twitter, Pownce, and of course Facebook mini-feed all at once.

It seems to do a good job, as I just sent my first post. The problem seems to be that is it taking line breaks and doubling them in the HTML coding. To be more clear, it looks like this:

P (text) BR BR /P for every graph I write. That is no good. So, I am using this as another test. My main blog is using MT 3.36, so I will have to test it out with MT 4 as well. I should also note that in the Blog It app in Facebook that I am using the 'Plain Text' Format. They have added Markdown already today which is nice. I hope they add TinyMCE or similar WYSIWYG soon.

March 1, 2008

Blogcritics Gaming Listed on

Funny story: I shoot an email asking to include us in their aggregation page. I knew Alltop was the brainchild of Nononina and Guy Kawasaki, but I did not expect a personal email from him.

But that is just what I got, and after a bunch of back-and-forth, BC Gaming is listed on their Gaming page -- which is a great list of gaming sites.

On their Gaming page if you click "Acknowledgements" my name is listed; pretty cool. Guy had not listed GamePolitics, which is a crime in itself, so I suggested them, too.

As Brian said on the radio show "we're Internet famous!" 

BC Multiplayer Chat #13: Import Mania

Read the show notes, listen to the show. Our best show yet, talking about the latest gaming news, I review Arkanoid DS, and we focus on import games, region locking, and territory differences for games and movies.

February 13, 2008

Exclusive Guy Kawasaki Interview with

Watch this video as Guy offers his thoughts on the Macbook Air, the blogosphere, and talks about his new online venture, Alltop.

His comment at the end about the blogosphere is priceless.

Oh, and my thoughts exactly on the MacBook Air.

August 18, 2006

Longest Work Week Ever

I have logged over 40 hrs. in just four days this week (today was a short day, as I only worked 12 hrs.). No, I am not trying to break a record, or kill myself -- I had exactly three days to take a design comp for a newspaper, complete production, and implement it for The BG News.

The paper went down tonight. It looks great. There are still some styles that need tweaked and added, a bulk of the library created, and I still have to fix up the almost useful style book, but the brunt of the work is over.

I love it when stuff like this is dropped in my lap like this. At least if I knew it was coming, I would have prepared for it.

August 14, 2006


Those usages people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English.

August 7, 2006

Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat

A Reuters employee was suspended after using the company's internet access to issue a threat saying "I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut."

The e-mail was sent to Charles Johnson, who maintains the of Little Green Footballs blog.

Source: Spero News, Ynetnews

Reuters really hates bloggers. First they foil a photoshop job, and now they are writing about Israel and jihadist terrorist activities (OMG!).

How stupid was it to send an email from within the company network? I would have at least used an anonymous proxy.

Two black eyes for Reuters, back-to-back no less. Nice job fellas.

June 5, 2006

Professional Writing and the Rise of the Amateur

Last night, I had the pleasure of giving a guest lecture at Trinity University in San Antonio... But the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to talk about the future. Instead, I wanted to focus on one of the biggest challenges of today: in our celebration of the amateur, we kind of forget what it means to be professional.

This is a very long, but quite good speech that the author posted, even in PDF. It is really worth a read, and has a bunch of stuff to digest.

January 7, 2006 Resources, Tips & Features

While defending my position on the capitalization of words such as Internet, Web, and Net, I found this great resource. The site has some great info on it, and most is found on this page - such as their Cyberwords Style page.

September 8, 2005

Nostrodamus couldn't have done better

Briefly, I just saw this at A National Geographic article from a year ago basically predicted the entire Katrina/New Orleans scenario.

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August 20, 2005

Blogger for Word

Now you can use Blogger right within Word. Just download and install the Blogger for Word add-in and a Blogger toolbar will be added to Word. Its for Windows of course, with at least Word 2000. But thats pretty nice if you are a Windows Blogger user.

August 6, 2005

MT Tabs from

I thought I posted this a long time ago. I can't find it. This is an indispensable tool for finding Movable Type tags fast. MT Tabs adds a sidebar in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

MT RebuildBlogs

I am really behind the curve on MT plugins. MT RebuildBlogs is really worth installing.

June 15, 2005

Democracy a 'bad word'

SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- Chinese bloggers, even on foreign-sponsored sites, better chose their words carefully -- the censors are watching.

Users of the MSN Spaces section of Microsoft Corp.'s new China-based Web portal get a scolding message each time they input words deemed taboo by the communist authorities -- such as democracy, freedom and human rights.

"Prohibited language in text, please delete," the message says.

Source: CNN

Aren't you glad you live in (insert country here) where you can voice your own opinion?

May 7, 2005

Microsoft to publicise new Windows operating system through bloggers

LONDON - The involvement of blogging in marketing has taken a step up with the news that Microsoft is recruiting a team of bloggers to help generate a buzz for the next generation of its Windows operating system.
Source: Revolution

I guess they are banking on the readership. What if it backfires? I am sure at least one person is going to have problems, or just simply tell it like it is and talk bad about it.

But since they will be signing a NDA, I don't really see the point.

April 18, 2005

Movable Type 3.16 released

Movable Type 3.16 sports significant improvements to application security and over one hundred other fixes which really make it a highly recommended upgrade for all users.
Source: Six Apart

There is a big list of changes. Yes, you should upgrade.

March 21, 2005

Yahoo! acquires Flickr photo sharing service

Yahoo Corp. has acquired the Flickr photo sharing Web site and Ludicorp Research and Development Ltd., the privately held Vancouver company that runs it, according to a posting on Flickr's staff blog.
Source: MacCentral

Wow, Yahoo! is going all out - starting a blogging service in the U.S. and now Flickr. Look out Six Apart.

March 20, 2005

Yahoo to step into blogosphere

SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- Yahoo Inc. said Wednesday it will soon start invitation-only testing of its new Web log and social networking service Yahoo 360, which aims to better connect users to people they already know.

The Yahoo 360 test release will mark the first time the company provides a service to create and share Web logs, also known as blogs, in the United States. Yahoo already offers such tools in some international markets like Japan and South Korea.

Source: CNN

Eliminate 95% of Comment Spam

If you use Movable Type chances are you use MT-Blacklist. If you don't you should think about using it. Two days ago I added a string to MT-Blacklist that has so far blocked 531 spam comments. That is 531 blocked in 2 days. What did I block? The H1 tag. Yep, thats it. I found that the majority of comment spam I get starts with a H1 tag.

I have eliminated at least 95% of my comment spam. Any time saved cleansing comment spam from the system is such a relief. Comment spam eradication is the worst part of maintaining a blog.

I really wish that Six Apart (or anyone else) could do something significant with the problem. There have been large contributions to the effort like MT-Blacklist and MT-Moderate that make my life easier, but there needs to be even more effort to eliminate the spam. Spam takes the fun out of blogging.

I am just glad it was something as easy as adding a simple H1 string to MT-Blacklist that killed so much spam for me. I should have done it months ago.

February 25, 2005

MT-Moderate plugs a hole in Movable Type 3

One of the benefits of being a member of the Six Apart ProNet is the ProNet mailing list. MT-Moderate 1.0.0's announcement showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Neil has already wrote some on it, but I have some more to add. MT-Moderate plugs one of the biggest holes that Movable Type 3 - there is no way to moderate trackbacks.

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February 15, 2005

Have a blog, lose your job?

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Mark Jen landed a dream job with Google Inc. in January. He was fired less than a month later.

His infraction? He ran a Web log, where he freely gabbed about his impressions of life at the Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet search giant.

Source: CNN Money

As far as I have read, this guy from Google lost his job for more reasons then just having a blog. It is his fault for what he blogged about, and what he did. Same thing for the Microsoft contractor who posted photos of new G5's arriving at Microsoft's campus. It was his fault for being stupid.

There are plenty more people in "corporate America" that have blogs and keep their jobs. There are a lot of businesses in "corporate America" that have their employees keep blogs, Google included.

Will articles like this scare people away from keeping a blog? Probably. Are the majority of the employed bloggers that stupid? No.

January 20, 2005

2004 Year End Lists

Blogcritics has a pretty long list of 2004 lists. We even contributed.

Be sure to check out the Blogcritics 2004 Year End Lists!

December 6, 2004

ecto 2.0 for Mac OS X

Wow what a radical change! From the site:
There are a lot of changes, which I had to make if I was going to respect the suggestions made by quite a few users. I'll just list them all one by one as that may give you the best overview:
A new improved XMLRPC backend
Blog more than one entry
New interface for drafts
A rich text editing mode
One blog isn't the other
Other small additions
So many changes to read about. Oh, and its free! Kudos Adriaan, I can't wait to dive into all the new stuff. The new window interface is extreme, but I like it. The only thing I miss is how the Custom Tags button used to act as a drop down menu.

December 1, 2004

The CMS Matrix

CMS Matrix now has 200 products for you to compare, making it the single largest CMS listing site anywhere.

Google sees benefits in corporate blogging

Google Inc., which implemented an internal Web log system behind its firewall about 18 months ago, has seen tremendous benefits from it and may in the future consider providing tools and expertise for this purpose to interested clients, a Google executive said.
Source: MacCentral

Who thought that blogging would be part of companies like HP, Google, and Microsoft, to name a few.

November 30, 2004

Everything TypeKey

A cool new site for you: Everything TypeKey, a new wiki about (you guessed it) TypeKey that Andre Torrez put together. There's sample code for using TypeKey as authentication in PHP, Perl, and ASP.Net, and a number of interesting tutorials and samples.
Source: Anil Dash

This is more or less a bookmark post for me, but if you find it useful, more power to you!

November 21, 2004

TypePad gets UI improvements, when will Movable Type?

The screen shot here sure is tempting. Its nice to see TypePad getting these improvements. But as I too am a paying customer of Six Apart I hope that Movable Type gets similar, if not the same, improvements.

Will Six Apart add these new TypePad features to MT?

September 16, 2004

Digital Web Magazine Mena Trott Interview

"We imagine a tool that everybody can use. We’re in the wireframe stage of a new way of blogging, and we’re extremely excited about that..."

Source: Digital Web Magazine

On a related note, wow did that site get a nice makeover!

September 15, 2004

MT 3.1 Tutorial - Scheduled Posting on Windows/IIS 5.1

Task Scheduler, which comes bundled with Windows attempts to make automation of tasks effortless. Unfortunately, it is not very configurable and basic in what it is capable of. On UNIX and Linux systems, Cron is what is used for task scheduling. This scheduler is very configurable, and is capable of well more then its Windows counterpart. Luckily, there is a little freeware tool available which simulates such a Cron-Job on Windows, PyrCron...

Source: Lutz-R. Frank

September 12, 2004

MT's completely search-friendly dynamic URLs

The first few times I saw people worrying that the new dynamic PHP-based publishing in Movable Type 3.1x would mess up their permalinks, and make Google stop loving them, I didn't worry too much about it...

Source: phil ringnalda dot com

MT 3.1 Tutorial - Dynamic Pages with IIS 5.1

Having had some issues to get the dynamic pages up n' running on my WindowsXP/IIS server, I decided to put down the main steps as a short tutorial for you. So, setup your new blog or take your old, upgraded one - I recommend going to MT 3.11, the currently latest version to ensure everything is running perfect.

Source: Lutz-R. Frank

September 11, 2004

MT-Medic to the rescue

What is MT-Medic you ask? It is a CGI for performing useful MT tasks, such as listing and verifying plugins, resetting passwords and granting blog creation permissions. It also just saved me a lot of grief. I did a stupid thing and nixed permissions to one of my blogs for my login. Bad idea! Thanks to 6A tech support for pointing this gem out. I got the permissions fixed in no time. Great little app to have installed!

June 16, 2004

Movable Type 3 Licensing, Take 2

You can read all about it at the Six Apart blog, or see the email below that I received yesterday. It is great they gave us a little bit of a heads up this time. They should have done that last time. While a lot of these changes, some major, some minor, look to a bit like crowd control, I think this new licensing will make a lot of people happy. I think this is great news for blogs with many many authors. I don't know that this will bring anyone back who was put off by the original licensing debacle for MT 3, but this will surely make those folks who waited to make their decisions, or those sitting on the fence happy campers. If people complain after these drastic changes to SixAparts licensing does not shut people up, then some people just need slapped. Remember, 6A is in this game to make money folks. Its great that I now have an unlimited license. I think that is a nice gesture. The weblog restriction lift from the $70 Personal license is also nice as well. They also changed the Commercial license to only restrict by number of users, that is great as well. I payed $4.95 for my personal license, because I donated in the past. Now I have an unlimited personal license because I was an early bird on MT 3. Not bad for software that is worth every penny of its $99.95 price tag. Many questions were answered here, a number of gray areas were brought back into the black and white. This announcement from 6A was very needed. Hopefully this will mend some wounds. Had this version of the licensing for MT 3.0 been the one announced in May people still would have bitched and moaned. It might not have been as loud, but it would have nonetheless existed. That is just how people are. They want everything for free. Good Job Six Apart for this revision, and clarification!
You're receiving this message because our records show that you recently purchased Movable Type 3.0 under our personal paid license that allows you to have up to 5 authors and 5 weblogs. Since the launch of Movable Type 3.0 developer's edition we have been listening to feedback from many of our users. We have heard requests for simpler and more flexible licenses and later today we will be updating our website to reflect changes that we believe answer most of these requests. Because you were an early adopter of Movable Type 3.0, we wanted you to be one of the first to know about these changes and how they will affect you as a customer. As a paid licensee these changes directly affect you. To thank you for supporting us early in the release of Movable Type 3.0 your license has been upgraded to an unlimited user and weblog license (normally priced at $99.95) at no cost to you. Since we've already upgraded your license in our system, you don't need to do anything for the license to take effect. We hope you enjoy the added freedom this license offers you. Our new personal use licenses are designed to be easier to understand and to provide more flexibility. New Personal Licenses: * Limited Free Edition: Unsupported with a limit of 1 author and 3 weblogs - No change * Personal Edition ($69.95): 5 authors and unlimited weblogs - This license was previously limited to 5 weblogs * Unlimited Personal Edition ($99.95): Unlimited authors and unlimited weblogs - We previously did not have a personal license that allowed for unlimited users and weblogs The Unlimited Personal Edition was created in response to the concerns of many Movable Type users who felt that limited weblogs and authors of the previous licenses just didn't meet their needs. After listening to their feedback we can't help but agree and have created this offer with them in mind. As before, personal licenses remain for non-commercial use only and are not for educational institutions, not-for-profits (501.3c, houses of worship and other properly registered organizations), or revenue producing uses other than incidental revenue (mainly ad revenue) created on your blog. You can not offer to host weblogs for users other than family, friends and associates. The personal edition's permissions for incidental revenue do allow you to use services like Google AdSense, Amazon Associates or a PayPal tip jar on your site, as long as those are not the main purpose of your web site. We've also improved our business licenses and have made our educational and not-for-profit licensing viewable on our website. As we hinted above, there is a new free not-for-profit license. If you are using Movable Type in a not-for-profit organization that has one or fewer paid employees and you do not want support you can use the free version within that organization for an unlimited number of users and blogs or you can get a supported license for $39. Once the site goes live later today you will be able to see these and more changes for yourself. Once again, thanks so much for supporting Six Apart and for your continued use of Movable Type. The developer's release of 3.0 has been a great success and we expect to see great add-ons coming from that community. We also have some great stuff in store for future releases of the product. (Remember, all point upgrades 3.x are free to appropriately licensed users.) Be sure to check out for more information about the license changes as well as updated FAQs and product information pages.

May 17, 2004

Movable Type 3 SHOULD Cost Money

Movable Type 3 has been out for a day now. And a lot of people have had time to weigh in with their opinions. Six Apart has been beaten black and blue for this new pricing scheme. It irritates me how many people are crying fowl about this. Six Apart is not the Evil Empire, they are not the RIAA, they aren't even Microsoft! They are a software developer who cares about customers, they even listen to their customers. This is more then can be said for most software developers. Lets look at a few facts: 1. MT 3 has a free version that is unsupported (just like before) 2. TypePad offers unlimited blogs and authors (and you don't have to pay for hosting on top of that) 3. MT 3 is NOT a feature release, although does include improvements 4. Six Apart has drastically changed the licensing restrictions (that was the most gripped about problem with MT) Did I mention it is free? Six Apart is just like most other software developers. They are in the business of making money. So get off their back for charging for Movable Type! I couldn't agree more with Timothy Appnel's "Movable Type 3.0 and Eating" article. He makes a few great points, and is worth reading. It would be nice to see more articles defending instead of defying Six Apart. But why do people want code (i.e. MT) free of charge? Easy. They have absolutely no clue as to how much work it actually took to make that code usable, much less elegant. I was one of the few who donated after I started using Movable Type on multiple sites. You did know you can donate right? It is referred to "donationware" for a reason (Don't say this too loud, but donating to a freeware or open source based project actually helps the project move forward, or maybe thats just how I think). For donating you get a discount on MT 3 Personal License. Way back when I donated I was told I would get a full credit on the 3.0 version. I donated $60 and today got $65 in credit, because they give you an extra $5 on the second $20 donation. This means I payed $4.95 for the Personal License. So Six Apart not only held up their end of the deal, they gave me a $5 bonus in credit and I didn't even ask for it. I also own a commercial license for MT for my business site. I payed $150 for that. During a great IM conversation with Anil Dash today I find out that that $150 I payed is good for $150 off a Developer License of MT 3. With an introductory price of $199.95 that means I will have to pay $49.99 for the upgrade for commercial use of 3.0. In a day and age of price gouging even on upgrades, thats a heck of a nice upgrade policy (as is the discount for donations). Donating and paying for free software is great. You should give it a try. And for what its worth, Movable Type is more then worth paying for. Sure it is a blogging tool, but if you can code, you can make it into a really nice CMS with little work. Next Up: My first experiences setting up Movable Type 3, TypeKey, and the new centralized features that Six Apart offers its Movable Type users.

May 13, 2004

Movable Type 3.0 Installed

That was quick and very easy. MT 3 is now running. (The version number in the footer is static) After I am done working today I will write up a full report. All in all it took me less then 10 minutes start to finish to complete the upgrade. The new admin UI is killer! I have to add the code to the comments for the new authentication that MT 3 uses. Until then you will not see your comment until I approve it. GOOD BYE COMMENT SPAM!

February 27, 2004

Ecto 1.0.4 is Released

- ecto can import photos from the latest iPhoto film roll (MacOS 10.3 only). - images can now be resized before uploading (MacOS 10.3 only). - By default ecto now autosaves drafts (turn it off in Advanced Preferences). - Live preview implemented (can be turned on by clicking on Preview window's Preferences toolbar icon and setting the corresponding option) (MacOS 10.3 only). - RSS, Atom, and text export implemented (control-click on selected rows in the Entries and Drafts list and choose Export Selection from the popup menu). - Settings drawer remembers position (left or right). - Saving drafts did not save trackback urls. Fixed. - Added option to warn if posting without keywords (MT/TP only). - Alerting when posting without categories, summary, and/or keywords now allow to go ahead with posting anyway. - Fixed timezone issue when applying custom date to a recent entry. - Other minor fixes. Download it now!

February 21, 2004

Why your Movable Type blog must die

In the past, blogging was an interesting pastime. Now, with the advent of the ridiculously popular weblog package Movable Type, the Web is in risk of drowning under a tidal wave of morons who throttle search engines with writing that has no purpose and such PageRank-destroying features as "TrackBack". Source: Thanks Jim for the link! While this is a very funny post, it does pose a great point: Google is drowning in a sea of TrackBack (of which a portion is SPAM) and PageRank relevance has been on a decline. I for one think Google needs to tweak their algorithms a bit.

February 1, 2004

Ecto is evolution done right (Updated)

I added my quibbles with this initial release of Ecto. Ecto is what Kung-Log used to be. And it is no longer in beta testing! Ecto has gone through a great private and public beta, progressing every step in the way. Not only that, but there are some great changes that just appeared here in the final release. I really liked Kung-Log, and Ecto is a huge upgrade. I love the new UI of ecto! Take a look at other screen shots at the Kula site. I still prefer ecto over NetNewsWire (NNW) and it is because of the UI. Ecto has one tabbed interface for all the main fields: body, extended body, summery, and keywords. With NNW you have to click a "More Options" button to get to more then the main body. In the beginning NNW did not have a customizable HTML menu, it does now. But in ecto you can assign keyboard shortcuts (such a nice feature). The biggest interface change in ecto is the Entries and Drafts window. In Kung-Log this was handled in a shelf, now it is a full window, allowing you to sort, search and even delete entries (as well as delete them off of the server). HTML syntax coloring has been redone completely. In Kung-Log there was only the choice to have all the HTML code in one color, now you can define colors for the tags, attributes, and brackets. This is great if you are used to using Dreamweaver and BBEdit as much as I am. There is now a robust Account Setup window, with an account setup "wizard" that is loads better then how it was handled in Kung-Log. The preview window is also grown up. It has its own toolbar and uses WebKit (Safari) to render the page. You can even set it to load the CSS from the blog, and make the font bigger or smaller - great for late night blogging! Check out the ecto site to see all the new features, and download a time limited demo. It is rare that an application goes through this much change between releases, and it is just wonderful when it happens. I do have some small complaints. Nothing is perfect after all. I have emailed the developer, Adriaan though, and these things will be changed in the next version, or are things that are being considered for a future version. In Kung-Log and in the Ecto betas the blog selecting was done with a drop down menu, so it was clear as to what blog you have selected. In the Ecto final it is now a button in the toolbar, and you get a submenu to select the active blog. I like this better, but now there is no way to know what blog is the active one. Sure you could look at the categories, but what if you are posting to the same blog from multiple users. It no longer says anywhere in the UI what the active blog is. Ecto 1.0.1 will have current account and blog name in the title bar. Another thing that was changed right before the final release was the status for "publish" and "draft" in the Entries and Drafts window. It was just text before, but now there are status is denoted by icons. I don't think the black and white icons are different enough, and I suggested different colors, such as green and red, or green and orange. I hope this is considered. Those two things are small potatoes though. My largest beef with the app is selecting a primary, and then secondary categories. This is not as important on my site, but it is very important what posting to BlogCritics. There is no way to select a primary category, and the secondary category(s). No outright way, that is. I found out how the primary category is set, and that Adriaan is looking for a better way to handle setting the primary category. To set the primary category: From the checked categories, make the primary category the selected category (i.e. select that row). Thanks for that info Adriaan! It sure is annoying to have to switch primary and secondary categories in the MT admin, and now I know. I hope a better solution is implemented soon. Another thing I wished for in the final was to see the keyboard shortcuts in the HTML button in the toolbar. You can see the user configurable keyboard shortcuts in the Edit > Insert HTML menu, but this is not where I go to insert HTML, I use the toolbar button. These keyboard shortcuts were in the Kung-Log HTML toolbar button, but they are gone in Ecto. This is something else Adriaan says he is looking into a better way. He says: "there's a bug in Panther/Jaguar that won't apply menu formatting to keyboard shortcuts. So, if I'd add a shortcut to the popup menu, it would be in 12 pt, whereas the menu item title is in 10pt. Crazy." For now you will just have to memorize your keyboard shortcuts for now, or use the Insert HTML menu. Regardless of these small issues, don't think I don't love this app. I just had another idea. On the Advanced tab you can change the creation date. I wish there was a "Now" button there to set the time to now (current time). This would be great when I want to update a post and want it to show up at the top of the page. Since I donated in the past, I got 25% off the price, $4. I don't think the $17.95 price is bad, but I would have been more inclined to buy at $13.95, (which was what I payed because of my previous donation) but thats just me. However after using this app for so long, it is worth the $18 fee. I recommend this over NNW, mainly because of the user interface changes. Of course the price of NNW is also an issue, $40. I just use the free NNW Lite, and ecto to post to blogs. Be sure to read the comments on this post over at BlogCritics.

January 19, 2004

Movable Type Updates

Movable Type 2.65 was released 12.22.2003 and I rushed to install it, a lot faster then I got around to installing 2.64, thats for sure. Since I do not own a dedicated server, I cannot have one single MT install for all the MT sites I host. So I have to install the update on 6 sites. This is not something that gets done quickly. On 01.14.2004 2.66 and then 2,661 is released. The new features are all comment spam based, and I should upgrade. I just don't think I am going to get to it for a while. At least not on all the MT installs I am hosting. It has been less then a month, and both of these updates have big(ish) changes in them. And Six Apart is bating us with the release of MT 3.0 to boot. I have a couple things to say about 3.0: Nothing really spectacular. Comment registration is not the answer. I would never require people to register to comment. This is not a message board, this is a blog.

November 26, 2003

Hole found in MT CGI

Thanks to Jake for this link. A CGI script in the default MovableType install (mt-send-entry.cgi) can be exploited by spammers in the same way that old FormMail scripts could. Rename it, if you don't use it, or patch it. More info here. There has been no official word from Six Apart on this yet. I didn't even know this functionality existed within MT. I am going to have to look into this.

July 1, 2003

Recent Articles MT JavaScript

I love Movable Type! Could you guess? I have had a few people email me about my Recent Articles drop down menus. They are not using PHP, just a JavaScript (JS) that MT generates. I developed this with the help of Brian Woodward. Most the credit to the thing goes to him, I just supplyed the needed MT coding and the idea (well I also bitched about all the errors that IE was generating, Jake bitched about as much as me too). The script would be in version 3 if we were versioning it. Brian just last night fixed the PC/IE issue where you would get an error icon in the lower left of the browser. This is, to my knowledge, the last error in the script. So it is Netscape (Mozilla, yada, yada) and IE friendly. We have decided to open source the script, so I will be putting together a tutorial about using it here. Brian just prettied it up a bit for the mass market. And let me tell you that boy can comment a script! Continue reading for step by step instructions.

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June 24, 2003

Donating to Movable Type

As if you could not guess I love Movable Type. It is all but as powerful as a full blown Content Management System. Today I become one of the donators to the Movable Type project. It is free to non for profit organizations, but its really too good to be free. So now I have a recently updated key, I will also be listed on the donor page. Pretty cool. Maybe that will get more eyeballs.

June 17, 2003

Kung-Log is the best yet

Kung-Log is the best desktop blogging app out yet. It surpasses w.bloggar for the simple reason that it uses the built in Mac OS X spell checking. w.bloggar does have a spell checker, although I have found it to be very bad. w.bloggar is much more of a robust WYSIWYG editor. The options available are nice for sure, but I do not need all that when posting to a blog. The customizable HTML menu in Kung-Log is very nice, even allowing you to assign keyboard shortcuts. Where the customizable HTML tags feature takes a really nice turn is the ability to insert things from the clipboard. So all you do is have a URL copied, then select the text you want the link wrapped around. Once you select URL from the HTML drop down box that link is made from your clipboard. This is VERY NICE. It saves the paste step altogether. Since I have the Textile plugin installed it shows up in the Text Format popup in the Settings pane. This is another reason I like Kung-Log over w.bloggar or NetNewsWire. I can choose between using MT's text formatting or not. Kung-Log can grab info from iTunes. Thats a novelty, but cool none the less. I am listening to this right now: The Last DJ from the album "The Last DJ" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers The way Kung-Log handles the way you handle linking things in your entry is unique and I think is the best feature it has. The preview window does a great job. Being able to select installed Text Formatting plugins is nice. And the very customizable HTML tags drop down menu is very cool. Kung-Log takes advantage of the great spell checking in Mac OS X, and this is a huge help for someone who cannot spell that well. These features all add up to the reason I will now be doing all my blog posting on my TiBook. I just figured out that I can select multiple categories for a post. Nice touch. Editing a previous post works well. I found problems in editing posts in NNW. I am very impressed with this software. The full version of NNW costs $40, this is donationware. I will donate for sure! Kung-Log has a feature for uploading files. I will have to play around with this and see how it works. I will use MT to do this as it has a template setup for this, and the server makes the thumbnails automatically. Just to see if it works I have used the built in image upload and thumbnail creation ability in Kung-Log. I am not sure if it using the Perl module to do the thumbnail or not but it works.

February 14, 2003

MT 2.6 Installed

All is well, as the mt-upgrade26.cgi said to me when i ran it. so i am now running the new 2.6 version of Movable Type. upgrade was a snap. and the new features look pretty cool, ill have a look see this weekend.

I have also updated my main template. now the drop down menus for the archives include the post count per month, and per catagory. whoo hoo!

February 13, 2003

w.bloggar is a great blog tool

w.bloggar is a great UI for posting to a blog, it has the text editing features that i think MT should have, like link buttons, bold, font, color, etc. etc. stuff that you would find in any forum software "new post" page. its great. and its free. thats more than i can say about NetNewsWire for Mac OS X. wich charges for its blog editing capabilities. but if you use Windows check out w.bloggar. i think the best part is i dont have to type [a href"http.... when i want to put in a link, i just click the link button.

the other thing i really like about w.bloggar is that it lets you predefine 9 custom HTML tags. such as [blockquote] that is a huge time saver! it also has a HTML menu to put in all the common tags. i cant tell you how much i enjoy the built in spell checker, hell yea!

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