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July 12, 2008

TTAM #7: Upgrading Xbox 360 Games

See, I don't just rag on the PS3 UI. The Xbox 360 needs some work too. Unlike when there is a dashboard update, game updates kick you off Live without warning. This is very irritating to me as I am sometimes in the middle of a voice chat (more often than not) and would simply like to decline the update and play another game. Or, tell my friend I have to update and I will be right back.

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TTAM #6: Upgrading PS3 Games

There does not seem to be one common method to updating a PS3 game, which leads me to believe that Sony has left this task to the developers to decide how, and devise a way to do it.

However they do it, it always ends the same: "Press the PS button and select Quit Game."

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February 17, 2008

TTAM #5: All Those XMB Screens in PS3 Games

Developers are getting better, but not by much. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a PS3 game that has NOT had those damn XMB screens that you have to hit OK for. Thought I know there have been one or two I have played and said THANK YOU to the developer.

What am I talking about? When a PS3 game loads it many times has one, two, three (no joke) "select OK" screens before you can load the game proper. And this is even before you load the saved game, which also uses the XMB (that is a good thing, I like uniform methods of loading games). Take Devil May Cry 4 for example, as the latest in the long list of developers who JUST DON'T GET IT.

When I load the game, it has to warn me, every time, not to turn off the console when the hard drive indicator light is active. Well no shit sherlock. And considering it installed 5 GB of data on my drive, that is all the time I am playing the game. But this menu, and many more like it, are like model dialog boxes on a computer; nothing else is going to happen until you select "OK." And like I said, some of these PS3 games have 2 or 3 of these suckers. This glaring problem, that sticks out like a sour thumb, is that the 360 games do not have this problem. Sure, they have warning screens, but that is just it, they are screens, and progress to the rest of the loading screens/logo animations/intro movies/game menus/whatever so that you can start a game, and without thinking too much, be at the main menu ready to load your game.

Off the top of my head, Virtua Fighter 5 had 3 of these such screens, it was outright irritating. Why must you create these screens that you must hit X (or what is even worse, in some cases O) to actually load the game? If you haven't guessed by now, I like to put the disc into my console, sit back in my couch, and play the game. That is why we chose to play console games. If I wanted to click "OK" 15 times before I got to the menu I would be playing PC games.

September 10, 2007

TTAM #4: Can I please pause the fucking game?

Sorry for you kiddies out there, but this really pisses me off. I am playing Tiger Woods 08, I need to restart a match, and it WILL NOT LET ME PAUSE THE FUCKING GAME. Hello, when was the last time you pressed the -- dedicated button might I remind you -- start button on the controller and it DID NOT pause the game? In Tiger Woods 08, that's when!

It doesn't matter if you are up to hit, or your opponent is, you cannot pause the game at any time to hit Retry. You have to wait until your/your opponents animation is over (even if you hit A to skip it), and wait until the golfer addresses the ball, only then can you pause the game.

Developers, please, the Start button on every controller is known for two things: it pauses the game, and usually brings up some kind of menu. It is an ingenious concept, really. One that has been ingrained in gamers minds for over 20 years now.

There is no conceivable reason to NOT be able to pause the game at any time in Tiger Woods 08, or any other game for that matter.

The hardware button is there for a reason, please do us all a favor and use it as such.

August 26, 2007

TTAM #3: My Referb 360 Sucks

So I have a refurbished Xbox 360 now, thanks to the RROD. I have two complaints with it, both of which are really irritating me lately.

Problem #1) I turn the system on my the wireless controller, the 360 does not actually turn on (no video signal) but the green light in the middle of the Ring of Light stays on. The controller never syncs with the console either.

Using my remote to turn the system off and then on again sometimes works, but not always. I usually have to power down the unit completely and then turn it back on again.

Problem #2) Even though I have the options checked in the Dashboard, my "new" 360 does not connect to Xbox Live. It signs into my profile just fine, but then will not login to Xbox Live.

Like I said, two annoying glitches in my referb 360. Why can't Microsoft make solid hardware? Oh, thats right, because they are a software company.

June 29, 2007

TTAM #2: PS3 Firmware Updates

It is not so much that the firmware updates annoy me, but the loborious task of installing the update.

When a new update is available, you also cannot access the PSN Store, or get online for anything. I just want to check out the latest game on the store, but first I have to install a .02 upgrade to my system.

These are the steps:

Step 1: Download the software update.
Step 2: Reboot when prompted.
Step 3: Connect controller via USB
Step 4: Cycle through a bunch of screens, select Accept, cycle through some more screens, hit X to start the install. Once complete, the system automatically reboots.

My main problem is having to connect the controller via USB. Why? Do you realize how annoying that is?

In contrast, when there is a Dashboard update for the Xbox 360, that goes like this:

Step 1: You are prompted to update the Dashboard once you power on the 360.
Step 2: Press A. Thats it, you are done. Once completed, the 360 reboots automatically. And you do not need to connect the controller through USB.

Do you see the difference?

June 16, 2007

TTAM #1: Installing PSN Games and Demos

Yes, lets start this bitch section off right. When downloading games and demos on the PS3, you must "install" them first. This is not an automatic process. You have to select the game/demo and press X, then watch the nice progress bar creep across the screen.

Would it be too much to ask to automate this one Sony? I had no idea you were going to go all "PC" on your next-gen console. Seriously, there are reasons I do not play games on the computer.

New Feature: Things That Annoy Me

Today we start a new feature here at Breaking Windows: Things That Annoy Me. I encourage all the BW writers to participate. You could also call it the Mini-Rant Feature.

I am sure most of these things will be gaming related, but some will fall under technology in general, others won't have anything to do with computers at all.

We will call it THAM for short.

I will warn you, the first few of these will likely be PS3 related.

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